Does Charlie Woods’ sister play golf?

Does Charlie Woods’ sister play golf?

Thirteen-year-old Charlie Woods is rapidly gaining popularity as a golf prodigy. Son of legendary American golfer Tiger Woods, Charlie showed immense potential in his junior tour matches as well as in the PNC Championship.

Charlie Woods has an older sister, Sam Alexis Woods. It’s natural for anyone to wonder if she too plays golf like her dad and younger brother.

Tiger Woods said he instilled a love of sports in Sam since she was very young. He first put a golf club in her hands when she was just a few weeks old. Of course, “she couldn’t quite hold out” at the time.

According to People, he smiled and said:

“(I put a golf club in her hand.) She couldn’t quite hold it. But there it was.”

Born the day after Tiger Woods finished second at the 2007 US Open, Sam was just six months old when she first attended her father’s golf match. She quickly became a tournament regular as she cheered on her father from the stands. Growing up, she and Charlie Woods even caddyed for him.

Tiger Woods with Charlie and Sam (Image via Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

However, now Sam likes football more than golf. His father attended many of his football matches and training sessions. Naturally, she loves watching the United States Women’s National Team in action.

Tiger Woods told in 2018:

“They (Charlie and Sam) love football; if they want to play golf, that’s great. If they don’t, that’s fine too. As long as they have fun playing sports. ”

It seems that Charlie has become more fond of golf over the years, while Sam is still loyal to football.

Charlie Woods is the mini-me of father Tiger Woods, Charlie Woods and Tiger Woods (Image via People)

Charlie Woods competed in three PNC championships with his father Tiger Woods. The one thing fans have noticed from their tournament appearances is that Charlie is a literal Tiger mini-me.

Not only did Charlie inherit Tiger’s competitive spirit, but also his mannerisms.

Tiger Woods even saw a video of the striking similarities between their mannerisms. Most popular was of course when they both wore the legend’s favorite color red with one hand on their hips and the other on their golf clubs as they rated the course.

The others were of them unboxing their gloves in the same way and swinging their golf clubs and stepping back to see the ball in the air. All this while Tiger Woods watched with a proud smile on his face.

Along with the iconic celebration of the punch Charlie got back from his dad, he also leans over one foot to watch the course, twirls his club around, and picks up the tee after his shot the same way his dad did.

Tiger reacted to these cute comparisons by saying:

“Two things stand out: the timing of spins and picking up off the tee.”

He later added with a laugh:

“He has it!” »

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the father-son duo rub noses alike. Tiger had valid reasoning for this.

“We both have allergies, so we both struggle on the golf course. We blow like the wind or we sniffle…just that little thing we both have.”

However, according to Tiger, their similarities also exist beyond the golf course. As quoted by Sports Illustrated, he said:

“It’s like talking to a mirror. My smart little comments are coming back to me now.”

Certainly, an adorable father-son couple.

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