Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin DLC ‘Different Future’ launch trailer, details, and screenshots

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin DLC ‘Different Future’ launch trailer, details, and screenshots

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■ Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Extra Mission: A Different Future

This long-awaited third installment of Season Pass content sees the end of Jack and his allies’ adventures through time and space.

Guided by an enigmatic moogle spirit, Jack and his allies travel to a city in another dimension.

The Lufenians call this place Central. From there, they observed a myriad of worlds and dimensions.

However, it only took the mad illusions of a Lufenian to ruin everything.

Jack sinks into the heart of this ghostly city to break once and for all the chains of this karmic juggernaut.

■ New characters

The emperor

The Emperor plans to take over the world, using all the magic and monsters at his disposal to do so, and his heart is set on the power of crystals and chaos.


A spirit who comes to ask Jack and his allies for help in saving Lufenia from interdimensional interference and fixing a broken future.

■ History

The story of a group of warriors who fell before darkness and gave way to chaos.

A darkly deluded Lufenian who interferes with dimensions. Driven by a desire to restore the world to its former order and beauty, she summons otherworldly weapons from dimensional distortions in an effort to eradicate not only Jack, but the world itself.

Omega, an interdimensional weapon with the power to destroy gods. Omega will hunt down Jack using his arsenal of skills more powerful than anything Jack has encountered before.

—Delta Attack: In addition to dealing damage, this move can also petrify you, so be careful!

—Wave Cannon: A deployed arcane circle fires a powerful beam.

■ Enemies

The Emperor appears in front of Jack and his allies, and he is on the trail of the moogle. His motivations for coming to this dimension are different from those of the Lufenian, and he seems to have no intention of teaming up.

— Demon’s Anthem: The Emperor Summons a wraith to attack you in his name. With this attack, he can summon gigas, coeurls and other monsters.

—Thirst for Chaos: An arcane circle appears in the player’s wake, from which a number of magical orbs sprout and explode.

■ New jobs


Hitting an enemy with the “Stun Bullet” work action can prevent the enemy from performing unblockable attacks.


While the “Analyze” work action is in effect, a counter will increase each time you attack an enemy. The higher the meter, the easier you can break through an enemy’s resistance and hit their weak spots.


Use the “Roulette” work action to spin the wheel and use two randomly chosen abilities.

■ New blacksmith features

Imitation materials increase synthesis possibilities

Imitation materials are versatile materials that can be used at a blacksmith. Imitation materials can be used as substitutes for other materials when upgrading equipment or synthesizing new items.


A new blacksmith feature. Some say it’s Lufenian technology. Allows you to make replicas of equipment using imitation materials and blacksmith materials. Also reproduces Chaos effects.

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