Analysis, Breakdown, 3 Things To Know

Analysis, Breakdown, 3 Things To Know

Arizona football schedule 2023: Who are the Wildcats missing on the Pac-12 schedule and what are the 3 things to know?

2023 Arizona Football Schedule: 3 Things to Know August 26 OPEN DATES September 9 Northern Arizona September 9 at Mississippi State September 16 UTEPS September 23 at Stanford September 30 Washington October 7 at USCO October 14 at Washington State October 21 OPEN DATE October 28 Oregon StateNovember 4 UCLANNovember 11 at ColoradoNovember 18 UtahNovember 25 at Arizona StateArizona Football Schedule What to know: Who are the Wildcats missing from the Pac-12 roster?

The Wildcats keep all the same teams on the roster from what was the Pac-12 South. They catch a bad break missing Cal, but not having to play against Oregon is obviously important. The divisions are gone, but bringing Washington and Oregon State to Tucson is a plus.

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Arizona Football Schedule What Really Matters

Last year, the Wildcats faced San Diego State and North Dakota State — both very, very dangerous — as well as Mississippi State.

They did well with good wins against the Aztecs and Bison, but lost at home in a good battle against the Bulldogs. Expect another 2-1 with Northern Arizona and UTEP to go along with the trip to Mississippi State.

There’s a tough three-game road stretch in four weeks, but that’s followed by a bye week. The team only leaves Arizona once – for Colorado – starting Oct. 14.

Arizona Football Schedule What You Need to Know: What Does It All Really Mean?

Not a bad timeline for a program looking to make a big leap forward.

Of the Pac-12’s five road games, going to Stanford, Colorado and Arizona State are all more than manageable. If the Cats can improve a bit, beating Washington State is also a possibility.

The schedule is decent enough to get at least six wins and a bowl match. It’s going to be shaken up somewhere, but Washington, UCLA, Utah and Oregon State all have to make the trip to the desert.

If all goes well, it shouldn’t come down to the date with Arizona State to be eligible for the bowl.

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