Texans ranked No. 3 on Pro Football Focus list of coaching vacancies

Texans ranked No. 3 on Pro Football Focus list of coaching vacancies

The Houston Texans are right in the middle, and it’s been a good place to host most franchise events since 2020.

According to Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus, the Texans are ranked No. 3 on their assessment of the five NFL coaching vacancies.

Any new coach who joins the Texans project must be convinced of the stability of what is already in place. Like Indianapolis, Houston doesn’t have a quarterback but is well positioned to draft one. The franchise is much further behind when it comes to overall roster quality, and there were some very unexpected rumors that general manager Nick Caserio’s job was insecure after the regular season, putting him firmly on the hot seat as we approach next year.

The last thing any new head coach wants is for their managing director to be fired a year into their tenure – whether or not they are fired with him – because it blows up everything that was in the process of construction.

There are a few pieces in place, like elite left tackle Laremy Tunsil, but the Texans need to improve the talent level of the roster with several important moves for this team to be competitive. They are the farthest from competitiveness of all available jobs, so long-term security is key to the attractiveness of this opening.

What hasn’t been factored into the Texans’ situation is that the club will be tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for a league-high 12 picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. Texans will have enough capital, especially with their two first-round picks, to take quality players where they choose, or to create packages to take targeted players who can help the roster immediately.

Caserio knows 2023 is the time to show the cards.

“If I don’t do my job well enough, and frankly, some people probably think I haven’t done my job well enough at this point, and that’s more than fair,” Caserio told reporters Jan. 9. decisions will have to be made, and the only thing I can do is make a commitment to our building, to our ownership group, to our team, to our organization, that we’re going to do everything we can to try to find a better result.

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