I just had my ‘sex chart’ read. Here’s what it told me.

I just had my ‘sex chart’ read. Here’s what it told me.

Have you ever wondered what a sex editor does in his spare time?

Well, it turns out she spends her time getting her “sex chart” read by professionals.

It seems like I just can’t know enough about my own sex life, so now I just have to dig deeper and find out the psychology (and a bit of astrology) behind every decision I make in the bedroom.

That’s why I called on Emma Dunwoody, a Master Coach in Human Design, to put together my personalized “sex chart” and explain to me why I am the way I am… sexually.

We spent over an hour on the phone to each other, going through every corner of my file and sorting out the “types of sex” that exist.

To say the process was overwhelming would be an understatement. By the end of the session I felt emotionally naked – exposed in every way of the word. Because it turns out that, even without putting a hidden camera in my room, you can see all my erotic habits and tastes as clear as day in my “sex chart”.

But, lucky for you, dear reader, I am a chronic oversharer. So I’ve dipped all the findings from my session into this article for you to read.

Before you get the chance to get nervous and delete everything written below, read quickly and judge.

Quick question: What is a “sex chart”?

GOOD POINT. Let’s go back, okay?

Gender charts can be read through a process called ‘Human Design’, which examines all aspects of your mind and personality – much like tests like Myer Briggs you may have been forced to do by your location. of work – but the point of difference of ‘Human Design’ is that your body and your energy are also taken into account. In a big way.

And these physical and energetic elements can help you decode your sexual appetite, your desire and your motivations. So write a very clear picture of what you want and need sexually.

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