“Groundbreaking for Real”: $1,000,000 Gesture From Former NBA Champion Leaves Sports World in Gratitude

“Groundbreaking for Real”: ,000,000 Gesture From Former NBA Champion Leaves Sports World in Gratitude

The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, with revenues of several million dollars per year. League franchises pay handsome checks to their stars for the talent they bring to the hardwood. Additionally, many NBA stars take on the responsibility of giving back to society with their income. The league also recognizes these players for their charitable work with the Community Assist Award. Similarly, a former NBA champion recently announced a massive $1 million donation to a great cause. Following the announcement, NBA fans took to Twitter to congratulate the star and show their gratitude.

Many underprivileged sections of the country have benefited from the contributions of NBA stars. Players provide assistance in the form of meals, education, sports facilities, health care, etc. Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma recently announced the $1 million donation to where he started his basketball journey.

Former NBA champion Kyle Kuzma wins people’s hearts


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On a recent episode of “Good Morning America,” Kyle Kuzma surprised everyone by donating $1 million to the YMCA in Flint, Michigan. According to reports, the Kyle Kuzma Foundation will donate the money for a gymnasium to the YMCA. The Wizards star said: “I am extremely thrilled to give you this opportunity, I know for me the YMCA has been an extremely important part of my life.” He added, “I’ve never really had amazing resources and for you, I want to make sure you have them and the younger generation of Flint, so thank you YMCA.”


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7 months ago

Later, Kuzma took to his Twitter to share the news with his fans. After the tweet, fans flooded the comments section with praise. One user said, “revolutionary for real. Major.”

Here are some other reactions from NBA Twitter:

A man of the people, glad to see you giving back to your community ❤️

— modest wizarding fan (@ihatecasuals1) January 18, 2023

A man of the people, God bless you Kuz

— Mahmoud🇵🇸 (@ilmloading) January 18, 2023


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The Wizards forward has had an impressive season so far as he has scored 956 points in 44 games, averaging a consistent 21.7 PPG.

76ers’ Tyrese Maxey recognized for charity

The league has a tradition of recognizing the charitable work of NBA stars towards society through their NBA Cares Community Assist Award each month. In December 2022, Philadelphia 76ers star Tyrese Maxey won the award for his efforts to help the underprivileged during Thanksgiving. Additionally, the league donated $10,000 to the Tyrese Maxey Foundation.


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