3 thoughts on commitment of Arik Gilbert to Nebraska Football

3 thoughts on commitment of Arik Gilbert to Nebraska Football

We talked about the need for depth at tight position and Gilbert will definitely help with that. Here are three thoughts on his commitment.

Gilbert has all the potential in the world

In terms of raw talent, Arik Gilbert probably had about as much as any player left in the transfer portal. We know Matt Rhule has a habit of taking raw, talented players and turning them into NFL players. That was to be the message to Gilbert, with a real chance to play.

Gilbert still has obstacles. He will need a waiver from the NCAA to transfer and play immediately. Still, it looks like Georgia won’t object.

Gilbert is 6-foot-5, 248 pounds, and coming out of high school, he was ranked the No. 1 near end, as well as the No. 5 rookie overall according to the 2020 247 Sports Composite Rankings.

There is no doubt about his talent. Now it’s just a matter of him reaching that potential and hopefully that finally happens with Nebraska football because the sky really is the limit.

How Gilbert will adapt to Nebraska football

Suddenly, Nebraska has a tight top-two in back-to-back recruiting classes because Thomas Fidone was also a top recruit, one who made it into the top 100 in the 2021 class. Like Gilbert, he doesn’t hasn’t reached his potential and hasn’t contributed in the past two seasons due to injury.

Neither player is really known to be a great blocker either. I’m sure Gilbert improved in that area while he was at Georgia and he should have all the tools to be stellar in that area if he wants to.

Still, it’s more of a tight move. Hell, he might even play wide receiver. The one thing that will be interesting though is that if Fidone is healthy and Gilbert is focused, Nebraska football could have as much tight end talent as any college football team.

The possibilities are exciting, especially in the red zone. But all over the pitch, Gilbert and Fidone, if they can also be effective blockers, could be nightmares.

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That being said, Gilbert and Fidone have a total of two receptions over the past two seasons. Nebraska had not been proven in tight end position before this move and it was still unproven after.

The talent is undeniable, but this is Gilbert’s third team. It’s not a good sign and there have been issues that have prevented him from performing at his best. Nebraska offers plenty of support and playing under Matt Rhule could provide the perfect setting to excel.

But until we see it, I still wouldn’t count on an All-American season.

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