Pixel 7 users are furious at Google for not taking responsibility over shattered glass

Pixel 7 users are furious at Google for not taking responsibility over shattered glass

It’s now apparent that all of those Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users didn’t just drop their devices or sit on a brick. Since the Pixel 6 line has yet to experience a similar issue, the problem could be related to the aluminum used on the camera bar of the Pixel 7 series. And while many Redditors on the social media site are somewhat angry with Google over the design errors that led to the problem, they are furious with the company for the way it has responded to their complaints.

Google says Pixel 7 warranty doesn’t include physical damage

A Reddit follower with handle rsaxena6991 wrote that the glass covering the rear camera bar of his Pixel 7 Pro was breaking spontaneously. He’s been battling with Google ever since and he says, “However, I struggled to get them to cover this spontaneous warranty blowout despite sharing countless Reddit posts, Google support case IDs, etc. proving that They’ve covered it under warranty for some customers who have had the exact same issue.They keep saying they don’t cover “physical damage”.

This Pixel 7 Pro’s rear camera bar glass shattered

He goes on to note that he is “absolutely disgusted with this and being asked to pay $400 to fix it through their repair center. to extreme temperature fluctuations (those are the conditions under which they void the warranty and not “physical damage”). So I would recommend anyone considering buying this phone to keep that in mind. This is a real problem and Google does not take ownership or treat consumers fairly.”

It’s far from the only comment lambasting Google’s behavior and while the shattering of the glass itself caused some Redditors to delay purchasing a Pixel 7 model, Google’s subsequent inability to act sealed the deal. Read this post from a Redditor using the name Popeye-sailor-man. “I was hours after I finally pulled the trigger to buy a Pixel 7 Pro due to the current $150 discount sale; and the phone and power adapter have been languishing in my Google Store cart ever since. a week…just waiting for me to execute the purchase.”

After consuming a can of spinach, Popeye goes on to say, “But after reading all those horror stories about a) breaking glass, and b) Google doesn’t ‘own’ the problem, nor the responsibility for the phone needed further repair in a frank fair and honest way there’s just no way i’m buying this phone maybe if google someday (if ever) talks about the problem and acknowledges it and , mostly indicates that the issue has been FULLY resolved, I might reconsider, but until then I’ll stick to my relatively old galaxy.”

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users want Google to take responsibility

And as we said, this is not the only article from a consumer who is afraid to buy a Pixel 7 series device due to Google’s lack of accountability. Frankly, we understand. Google was mercilessly pounded for the bugfest that was the Pixel 6 line (though I have to admit I still love my Pixel 6 Pro) and bounced back to deliver one of the best phones of 2022. Google wants nothing make Pixel 7 the line look bad. But unlike software bugs, no update will fix broken glass.

While it’s true that some of the posts on Reddit are from Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users whose phones remain untouched, there’s one from Reddit subscriber Sikkersky who writes, “Only one thread on this subreddit had over 20 confirmed reports of the problem alone, and about 50 responses in total, indicating a significant number of people affected.It is unacceptable that a company as reputable as Google produces a faulty product and that customers have to fight for warranty coverage. It is important that the issue is addressed and that Google is held responsible for their manufacturing errors.”

It looks like the ball is now in Google’s court. There’s a decent number of Pixel 7 series owners waiting to see if they’ll get their phone repaired or replaced by Google for a problem that, apparently, the company itself caused.

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