Discipline Results In Washington Marion And Eunice Fight

Discipline Results In Washington Marion And Eunice Fight

The Calcasieu Parish School Board confirmed tonight that the Louisiana High School Athletic Association dealt a devastating blow to Washington Marion High School’s boy’s basketball team. For their role in the scuffle with Eunice during the District 3-4A opener, the Charge Indians have been suspended indefinitely.

Regarding the ongoing investigation, the CPSB released the following statement on the matter stating that they are “actively working with (the LHSAA) to provide whatever is requested for their investigation.” Meanwhile, it looks like the season is over for both teams. KPLC News reports that all remaining games for both teams have been canceled on the LHSAA website.

It is unclear whether Eunice boy’s basketball team suffered the same indefinite suspension. KPLC has reportedly contacted the LHSAA for further details on whether the same disciplinary action was taken against the boy Eunice’s basketball team. Be sure to watch the news for further updates. Either way, it’s a sad day for high school basketball at SWLA.

As previously reported, Washington-Marion and Eunice began to battle early in the 3-4A District opener at Eunice after a player from each team struggled to gain possession of a loose fly ball. The Eunice Police Department reported that players from both teams threw themselves into the fight, resulting in an all-out brawl that also included fans.

The game ended in the second quarter. The Charging Indians are 6 and 9 and rank 23rd in the Select Division II power rankings. Eunice is ranked 8th and 7th and 16th in Non-Selective Division II.

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