Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday


You have never been slow to show up. If you are in a leadership position or involved in higher education, innovation will be both challenging and exciting. This will lead to considerable progress in your work, your reputation and a lot of admiration from those around you.


Past work is being evaluated. You will appreciate and feel secretly satisfied with the encouraging feedback received. A surprise gift or text message will make you feel like the happiest person on earth. It’s not often you feel so positive and uplifted and you’ll feel great.


People will readily accept your plans, but don’t get too carried away with your ideas. Although you have a wonderful way of inspiring others, some ideas may be unrealistic and it will take a practical friend to bring your thoughts down to earth.


Although he won’t admit it, you sense that someone close is feeling depressed and miserable. Encourage them to talk. A co-worker feels he has nothing to show despite all the effort he has put into a difficult job. With your help, they will be able to overcome a frustrating obstacle.


New responsibilities will come with an offer of promotion and you will take them on with enthusiasm. It’s a decision that’s been in the works for a while, but until now you weren’t sure how things might turn out. Now that your hopes are coming true, it will take a few days for everything to be figured out.


A campaign for which you had high hopes is struggling to take off. Some would say that the right thing to do would be to abandon this idea completely, but you are not a quitter and you will be determined to find a way to move this project forward.


Sometimes you will feel like you are being pulled in a few directions. Work, social and family obligations begin to become overwhelming. You may be at home when your presence is requested elsewhere and you don’t feel able to tell people what you really think.


You will do better if you are left to your own devices. Friends and colleagues will make what they think are helpful suggestions. These may not be of any use to you. Time is running out, and when you work to a deadline, you focus entirely on that goal.


You have a habit of rushing and leaving things ragged around the edges. You need to make sure your boss trusts you, and you can do that by making today a day to complete an ongoing project you’ve been working on to your employer’s satisfaction.


Financially, the situation will seem sensitive. We are worried about a larger than usual bill that is due anytime now. On top of that, a roommate’s financial troubles are starting to get you down. If a friend asks you for advice, admit that you really don’t want to get involved.


If you insist on moving forward with ideas that your partner opposes, all he’s likely to do is take a step back while you continue the hard work. Since it was your idea to begin with and they raised a few objections, you can’t really complain about their lack of enthusiasm.


You have a number of good reasons for embarking on a project that until now has only been in the planning stage. An aspect of your life is coming to an end and this suggests that you are preparing for new beginnings. The prospect of change will be both frightening and exhilarating.

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