Tyler Posey and Phem at the Teen Wolf: The Movie Premiere

Tyler Posey and Phem at the Teen Wolf: The Movie Premiere

Tyler Posey and his girlfriend Phem have just reached a milestone in their relationship. The couple attended the Los Angeles premiere of “Teen Wolf: The Movie” on Jan. 18, marking their first red carpet walk together since they started dating two years ago. Posey, who reprises his role as Scott McCall in the upcoming film, looked dapper in a black velvet suit and striped shirt, while Phem coordinated subtly in a patterned jacket, lace cropped top and a black pants. The two shared some sweet kisses while posing for the cameras.

Posey also enjoyed the premiere with his younger brother Jesse and father John, who both appear in “Teen Wolf: The Movie.” The rest of the cast were on hand to celebrate the Paramount+ film’s release on January 26, including “Teen Wolf” alumni like Crystal Reed, Colton Haynes, Holland Roden and Ian Bowen, plus newcomers Amy Lin Workman and Vince Mattis.

Posey and Phem, an alternative rock singer, have been romantically linked since February 2021. The musically talented duo have collaborated on several songs throughout their relationship, including Posey’s first solo single, “Shut Up,” which also includes Travis Barker. In July 2021, Posey told NME how Phem helped him understand his sexuality. “I’ve been with everyone under the sun, and right now I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever had with a woman, and she’s weird too,” he told The Point. sale. “She helped me realize that I fall under the queer umbrella and that I am sexually fluid.”

Read ahead for all the cute photos of Posey with Phem and her family at the ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ premiere.

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