New Indiana Jones Movie Undergoes Major Changes (Rumor)

New Indiana Jones Movie Undergoes Major Changes (Rumor)

Disney has several issues with the new Indiana Jones movie, which will star Harrison Ford. This will be the last adventure of this archaeologist, and it does not go well. In fact, rumors indicate that there could be massive changes to the movie’s plot, especially for the ending.

The complications of this production are not so new. They had already done some tests to determine different endings, and none of them got good marks. However, leaks indicate that the plot chosen was so bad that the directors decided to eliminate it, leaving small pieces of its planning.

Massive changes in Indiana Jones 5

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According to the leaks on the new Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the movie will undergo some storyline changes. The reason is the plot and the result of this production. The comments indicate that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has plans for a reboot of the franchise.

In it, Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones would have his final adventure and, due to certain circumstances, travel to the past. This trip would cause him to be born female instead of male, being the event that would produce the reboot with a new Indiana Jones. The reason for this ending is to continue the franchise after Harrison Ford’s retirement.

However, the idea is pretty bad for many, including Disney CEO Bob Iger. So much so that he demanded to change the entire plot of the film. Rumor has it that he asked for a new story to be made from the remains they left behind.

Given all of this, the film will have to start from scratch to create a new storyline according to what Disney wants. Another could do the movie on the fly, leaving an ending where the baton is passed to a new Indiana Jones. That would leave Disney and LucasFilm in serious trouble, running out of options for the end.

Consequences of this error for Disney and LucasFilm

Picture: Lucasfilm

If these rumors are true, there could be consequences both at the organizational level of LucasFilm and on the quality of the film. One of the comments is the end of Kathleen Kennedy’s term as president of LucasFilm. Because they consider the Indy production plot to be pretty bad.

Another consequence commented on by the experts is related to the quality of the film. As we know, Disney has yet to find a way to transition Harrison Ford into the new Indiana Jones. This error has left delays and according to Iger’s statements, they will try to fix what they can.

All these changes would imply that we would have a rather improvised film with a poorly done ending that would not impact anyone. It might even prevent Indiana Jones 5 from hitting theaters as planned.

For the moment, neither Disney nor LucasFilm have confirmed these events. We are still determining who will be the new Indiana Jones. However, if this continues, it will not be released as planned on June 30, 2023.

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