Tape to Tape Is a Roguelite Where Hades Meets NHL Hitz

Tape to Tape Is a Roguelite Where Hades Meets NHL Hitz

Tape to Tape is a hockey roguelite that looks like NHL Hitz with a hint of Hades, and it’s coming to PC this year. This puck shooting project comes from Excellent Rectangle, a Quebec City studio made up of three developers: Huge Julien, Jean-Nicolas and Mathieu Fortin. It’s the developer’s first project since its inception in 2020, and it already promises a strong start with a roguelite campaign, player synergies, and a dynamic physics system.

In Tape to Tape, the goal is to reach the major leagues. Players pose as the team captain and recruit a squad of elite players as the journey to the big moments progresses. Win or lose, you always advance, because a loss gives you the opportunity to visit the Blademaster, a powerful NPC who has the power to permanently improve equipment. It’s extremely Canadian, and you’ll be able to try it out for yourself when a playable demo arrives as part of Steam Next Fest on February 6. You can see Hockey meet Hades in the Tape to Tape gameplay teaser video below.

Tape to Tape clearly takes the tongue-in-cheek approach to its tone, and it already works. A Kickstarter campaign for the project last year proved this when backers reached the funding goal in just one week. His campaign ended with $46,711 funded from his $20,000 goal. You can learn more about this inventive indie title in the Kickstarter gameplay trailer below. Stay tuned for updates from Excellent Rectangle.

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