For UW Football, It’s Been a Time for Legacy Offers, Hard Decisions

For UW Football, It’s Been a Time for Legacy Offers, Hard Decisions

College football is supposed to be a very emotional game, but some who come to the University of Washington can’t help but have a much deeper passion and feeling than others.

These are the legacy players, the ones who have some sort of prior family connection to the Huskies that reaches to their very soul.

Over the past two weeks: Huskies lost one, won one and two more considered choosing this career path over time.

It’s a heavy responsibility to shoulder, with the pressure to maintain internal tradition sometimes overruling a talent review that doesn’t respond with a scholarship in advance.

Earlier this month, quarterback Sam Huard, son and nephew of former UW flaggers Damon and Brock, was clearly distressed when he called a press conference to explain his decision to enter the portal. transfer because his desire to play immediately had finally canceled his personal dreams. of Husky glory.

Last week, the Huskies offered a scholarship to San Diego Bronx edge rusher “Boogie” Letugasenoa, who is first cousins ​​with UW defensive tackle Tuli Letuligasenoa. Still, this California rookie has plenty of time to consider whether to follow in Tuli’s footsteps and continue the family bond — he’s just a freshman at St. Augustine High School. Smaller than its cousin, but just as physical.

Additionally, cornerback/running back Nahmier Robinson of suburban Seattle Skyline High revealed he had a prime opportunity to join the Huskies and expand a more involved football lineage than almost anyone. else. His father Nate played cornerback for the UW while his grandfather Jacque Robinson was a Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl running back.

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Finally, on Monday, Roice Cleeland, a 6-foot-3, 285-pound center from Vancouver, Washington and Portland’s Jesuit High – sporting a similar address and registration to former Husky offensive guard Jaxson Kirkland, who was yet another legacy player – revealed how he will walk at UW. Cleeland’s father, Cam, was an accomplished tight end at Montlake before playing in the NFL, and is now a Husky broadcaster on game day. Different positions in this family, but same motivation.

Nahmier Robinson, in the middle, has one of the longest Husky heritages to respect, if he wishes.

For young Robinson and Cleeland, they have scholarships awaiting them elsewhere with potential financial sacrifices to be made. Robinson has been offered by Portland State and Colorado State, while Cleeland has opportunities at Portland State and San Diego.

All of these football players are more unique than their contemporaries in their own way, with family background influencing their college football choices or at least causing them to stop and think long and hard about what they should be doing.

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