Coach Mary Chow’s Riverside soccer team finishes best season yet

Coach Mary Chow’s Riverside soccer team finishes best season yet

For four years, Mary Chow described herself as a football mom who wanted to help out when she took over as the boys’ head football coach of the new Riverside High School football team.

Last week, Chow coached his final game with the Bulldogs and said the four-year experience couldn’t have been more rewarding.

“We’ve had a phenomenal year,” Chow said. “When we started playing four years ago, we showed mercy in every game. This year we played so much better and went to extra time in two district games.

Chow, who works as a speech pathologist for the Western Line School District, will step down as Bulldog head coach next season so she can spend more time watching her son, Jay, play football and soccer at the St. Joseph’s Catholic School. Jay is the place kicker for St. Joseph’s Irish.

This year’s Bulldog football team was led by seniors Michael Kelly, Joseph Donald and Peyton Taylor.

“Peyton was the best midfielder in the team and he could play in any position,” Chow said.

Eighth-year goaltender Preston Bevill was also instrumental in Riverside’s success. Belvill has stopped 93% of all goals scored in his direction.

“The whole team has really shown a big improvement this season. They have the heart and the desire to do well. I will miss the camaraderie of the players. I really got to know the boys well,” the Riverside coach said.

The Riverside High School football program was launched five years ago when student Dawson Taylor Moulder, who was in sixth grade at the time, made a presentation to the school board about why the school should create a football team.

Five years later, Moulder is now a junior and still plays for the Bulldog football team. There is no doubt that the school board made the right decision in listening to Mr. Moulder’s presentation.

“It was a great decision that gave a lot of kids the chance to play football,” Chow said.

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