Look: College Football World Disgusted By Rivalry Logos

Look: College Football World Disgusted By Rivalry Logos

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – DECEMBER 04: A detailed view of a Fox Sports logo is seen on a broadcast camera during the Big Ten Championship game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Michigan Wolverines on December 04, 2021 at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis , HE . (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

FOX Sports decided to have some fun with some specially designed logos they revealed today and managed to drive the whole college football world crazy.

To celebrate “Opposite Day,” FOX Sports unveiled 18 newly designed logos for nine different rivalry games. The twist? All the teams have changed colors with their big rivals.

Ohio State has blue and corn yellow while Michigan has red, Auburn is crimson while Alabama is blue and orange, Washington is gold and green while Oregon is purple – and so right now. Other rivalries featured are Indiana-Purdue, Georgia-Florida, Oklahoma-Texas, Ole Miss-Mississippi State, Wisconsin-Minnesota and USC-UCLA.

Fans from these other schools took to Twitter in disgust at the sight of their respective team logos being swapped like this:

Just because these games are only played on the football pitch once (or at most twice) a year doesn’t mean it’s not a year-round rivalry for these 18 schools.

The Game and The Iron Bowl in particular have fans of all four schools going to all sorts of crazy lengths against each other in one way or another.

Thanks to the FOX graphics department for putting so much work into the color swap, but their art won’t be featured on anything official anytime soon.

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