Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth zodiac signs caused split: astrologer

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth zodiac signs caused split: astrologer

This decades-long celebrity romance is officially pushing the daisies.

Miley Cyrus decided to nip all the rumors in the bud and set the record straight about the demise of her marriage to Liam Hemsworth when she not-so-subtly released the ‘Flowers’ breakup banger on Friday the 13th. .

The couple, who wed in 2018 only to divorce a year later, made headlines again on January 13, 2023. Not only did the date signal their relationship was doomed, but is also guaranteed to drop the track on Hemsworth’s 33rd birthday, just to clear up any confusion if anyone was wondering who the subject of his infliction was.

The slights didn’t stop there, as the song contained various references to the couple’s uncoupling, including the fire that destroyed their marital home and the metaphorical ashes of their decade-long relationship.

Vigilant pop culture fans and conspiracy theorists have noted that “Flowers” samples Bruno Mars’ track “When I Was Your Man,” a lamentable track that Hemsworth is said to have dedicated to Cyrus.

Video for ‘Flowers’ shows Cyrus staring into the fire in a gold lamé dress as she struts down the driveway of a quaint home, pausing to re-enact a dance move that Hemsworth publicly shamed her for .

We haven’t finished, not even close.

Miley Cyrus, 30, has confirmed a new single titled “Flowers” will be released on January 13 — her ex-husband’s birthday. mileycyrus/Instagram; Getty Images

Later in the clip, Cyrus is seen stripping down to black lingerie to take a dip in the house pool, getting down in a shower scene, and dressing up in black menswear for a solo dance session at the sunset. Fans have speculated that the costume Cyrus wears in the video is meant to echo the one worn by Hemsworth at the 2019 premiere of “Avengers: Endgame”. , Hemsworth can be seen telling Cyrus to “behave for once”. .”

Did Liam Hemsworth cheat on Miley Cyrus? Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth married in 2018, but separated the following year. Getty Images for the Met Museum/

It gets wilder and the shadow rises, y’all. Twitter is currently abuzz with the rumor, spread in part by Pop Tingz, that the house where Cyrus filmed “Flowers” was once rented by Hemsworth to cheat on Cyrus with no less than 14 women.

True to her Scorpio moon, Cyrus has yet to confirm or deny this rumor, but damn it if that doesn’t elevate her to despised woman-turned-legend status, sending a very strong birthday message to Hemsworth and throwing in ” Flowers” at the top of the graphics.

With all that cloak and dagger, spilled tea, suspicious behavior, black lingerie, golden lame and flowing hatred, we examine Cyrus and Hemsworth’s birth charts to see what brought them together, kept them apart. and continues to resonate between them.

Sun signs = scorched earth Celebrities went on and off for nearly a decade before divorcing in 2019. © BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM

Born on November 23, 1992, Miley Cyrus is a sharp Sagittarius sun with cobwebs and a controversial moon courting Scorpio. Her former husband Liam Hemsworth, born January 13, 1990, is a structured Capricorn sun with a love-hungry Leo moon. On an elementary level, Miley is a fire sign and Liam is earth.

At first glance and to entertain clichés and speculation about their breakup, fire burns earth, but it’s not that simple. When adding up the elements in their respective charts, Liam is indeed dominated by earth but Miley is more water than fire. In this combination, there is a lot of reciprocity and growth potential. If you view love as, dare I say it, FLOWERS, then the combination of earth and water can be absolutely sufficient and a fertile place for transformation to occur and lessons to be learned.

On the other side of the dirt is the potential for the earth to feel drowned in water and the water to be blocked by the earth. I think we can see all of this at work in the length and breadth of the relationship between Cyrus and Hemsworth. It seems, beyond today’s pain, that the two loved each other deeply and grew up together before eventually going their separate ways.

The Pirate and Principal Hemswoth and Cyrus are a combo of Capricorn and Sagittarius AKA the Optimist and the Pragmatic. MovieMagic

In terms of archetypes, Sagittarius is the seeker and Capricorn is the father figure. Do a pirate and a high school principal make a happy marriage? No, they don’t, and what begins as an intrigue between these two quickly turns to irritation. Based on his birth chart and his sun/moon combination, Hemsworth wants someone who reflects favorably on him, a consistent conduct or death who can be counted on to behave according to his idea of ​​propriety. Good time spent, deep feeling Cyrus wants the freedom to be herself and the anchor to be seen and accepted by her partner. Cyrus’ sun/moon combination suggests an extreme nature and a willingness to go full force and with all one’s heart in a risky or dreamy direction, say, marriage for example.

A deep and ever-changing sentiment, Miley Cyrus’ theme is dominated by water. Getty Images for MC

Never have the differences between the sun signs of Cyrus and Hemsworth been more apparent than in the aforementioned and oft-dissected clip from the “Avengers: Endgame” red carpet in which a playful Cyrus licks the face of a disapproving Hemsworth who asks ” Could you behave for once?” GTFO from here with that my friend and no, never. Cyrus responded by gritting her teeth, pushing him away and proceeding with the stun and pose, a trajectory she appears to be continuing today.

Unchecked, dense Capricorn energy can manifest as a kind of conquering mentality and as Miley once told you and told you again, it can’t be tamed, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tamed. didn’t try to trick herself to be seen. also adorable, been there sis. As these revealing clips from the red carpet show, sea goats like Hemsworth can be quite punitive little piglets when they feel provoked or disrespected and the more a Sag like Cyrus feels caged the more they will rebel, will revolt and rage. Not a recipe for harmony.

Mercury – speaking different languages ​​Hemsworth and Cyrus pictured at the fateful ‘Avengers: Endgame’ premiere. Getty Images for Disney

Mercury is our planet of communication and indicates our style of expression. Cyrus’ Mercury is in the dark abode, the taboo love sign of Scorpio, while Hemsworth’s falls in the cautious and calculated sign of Capricorn. These two modalities of communication are at odds with each other, as Scorpio speaks from a place of emotion and Capricorn from a place of strategy and reason. When Cyrus sings “I can buy me flowers/Write my name in the sand/Talk to me for hours/Say things you don’t understand,” she’s not lying, folks.

Fixed Moon Facing Cyrus and Hemsworth both have moons in unforgiving, fixed signs.WireImage

In astrology, the moon represents our emotional nature, our shadows and our spongy bellies. Miley’s moon in Scorpio is square to Liam’s moon in Leo. Both signs are fixed, meaning they’re allergic to compromise, resistant to forgiveness, and tend to take love hard and get over it for a long time. When square moons like Cyrus and Hemsworth combine, there’s a lot of attraction, a heady amount of personal transformation, and very little peace between the two. Take it from famous square moon exes Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Leo moons like Hemsworth’s are hungry. Leo is the sun sign and when in the emo moon realm, it equates to an unholy need for attention, affection, and reassurance from their partner. Magnetic and fun, Leo Moons easily draw others in, but their demands can be all-consuming with very little room for compromise. When disappointed or disenchanted, they get an icy AF and look outside the relationship for validation.

Liam Hemsworth has a Leo moon regal and ready for worshipInstagram

Scorpio Moons like Miley are simultaneously drawn to and terrified of soul intimacy. They hold a lot of space for the darkness that others hide and feel betrayed when they are not given the same grace. They love depth and (creepy voice) “never let go,” just ask Scorpio moon power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Spite is the spice of life for this lot and with “Flowers” Cyrus shows us how beautiful she is and how far she’s come, but she also reveals how much she still cares because believe me the folks, you don’t ruin someone’s birthday that you don’t care about. Survival is the calling card and expression of the elixir for Scorpio Moons who define themselves by what they have endured, overcome and thrived on. The pain reminds them of what they are capable of, and part of their healing process is to stand as a promised bonfire for those who still find their way through the darkness.

New loves, different sun signs Hemsworth is currently courting Taurus Gabriella

We are different people with different people and perhaps the turmoil and infighting that defined Cyrus and Hemsworth will fade in their new relationship. After his divorce from Cyrus, Hemsworth moved on and settled down with model Taurus and fellow Aussie Gabriella Brooks. Both Hemsworth and Brooks are earth signs, indicating that their hierarchy of needs and approach to life are somewhat similar. Both signs are important for investment, confidentiality, and maintaining appearances, which bodes well for the long haul.

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Miley Cyrus photographed with her beau Scorpion Maxx Morando. Getty Images for Gucci

Cyrus’ new love, drummer and illustrator Maxx Morando is a Scorpio sun that bodes well for our daughter moving forward and even if the (Scorpio) sun goes down on this romance we know Miley will bring out some breakup firecrackers. Stay gold, stay up and keep singing, baby.

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