Tango Gameworks Announces Hi-Fi Rush During Xbox Developer_Direct Showcase, Out Today

Tango Gameworks Announces Hi-Fi Rush During Xbox Developer_Direct Showcase, Out Today

The next game from Tango Gameworks is Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm adventure game being developed exclusively for the Xbox Series X|S, and it’s releasing tonight.

Announced during the Xbox Developer_Direct showcase, the trailer revealed an explosive comic book-like art style, original tunes, and rhythm-based movement and combat. Tango Gameworks is releasing the game, including a Game Pass version, today – it’s scheduled to hit digital storefronts a few hours after the storefront ends.

Hi-Fi Rush’s rhythm-based gameplay impacts every aspect of its world. Playing as Chai, the budding rockstar, you are the victim of a strange corporate experience that allowed you to feel the rhythm of the world to the beat of the game’s soundtrack. So everything: your attacks, enemy attacks, obstacles, cutscenes, everything happens to the rhythm of the music.

But Tango reassures, it’s not a punishing rhythm game. You can jump, dodge, parry and attack using any button and they’ll automatically sync to the beat of the music – but if you can keep the beat right you’ll do more damage or create powerful combos. Chai’s companion, 808, a small robotic cat, tracks and offers a light visual aid to help players keep pace, and more accessibility options are also available.

While Hi-Fi Rush has its own soundtrack, it has also licensed boss fight music from artists like Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, The Prodigy, The Joy Formidable, Number Girl, Wolfgang Gartner, and Zwan.

Hi-Fi Rush – Xbox Dev Direct

A Japanese studio best known for The Evil Within, Tango Gameworks was part of Xbox’s 2021 acquisition of Zenimax. Its most recent release is Ghostwire: Tokyo, which we’ve praised for the way it brought culture to life and to Japanese mythology.

Hi-Fi Rush was part of a showcase that also included Minecraft Legends and more. You can find everything else revealed during today’s Xbox Developer-Direct here.

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