Nets reportedly in no rush to sign Kyrie Irving to contract extension

Nets reportedly in no rush to sign Kyrie Irving to contract extension

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has held the NBA’s all-time record at 38,387 since retiring in 1989. It’s one of the sport’s most iconic records and one that many thought would never be broken. but LeBron James is poised to break that scoring record and do it at 38. How many more points does LeBron need to reclaim the scoring record? When should it happen? Let’s break down the latest numbers (this will be updated after every Lakers game until the record is set).

How many points does LeBron James need to set the scoring record?

Abdul-Jabbar career points: 38,387
LeBron Career Points: 38,299

Upcoming Lakers Schedule:

February 2 at Pacers
February 4 at Pelicans
February 7 vs. Thunder
Feb. 9 vs. Bucks
February 11 at Warriors

When is LeBron expected to set the all-time scoring record:

LeBron is averaging 30.2 points per game this season, at this rate he would set the record Feb. 7 at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder, albeit by one point, so Feb. 9 against Milwaukee is definitely a possibility.

News and notes on LeBron’s quest for the record:

• LeBron notched his first triple-double of the season – and became the first player to have one in his 20th season – scoring 28 points with 10 rebounds and 11 assists – to help the Lakers past the Knicks in overtime Tuesday evening. With those 11 assists, LeBron passed Mark Jackson and Steve Nash to rank fourth on the NBA’s assists list.

LeBron tonight in the W Lakers:

👑 28 PTS
👑 10 RECs
👑 11 EST
👑 Moves to 4th all-time in assists
👑 1st player of all time with triple-double in season 20

89 points to the all-time record.

— NBA (@NBA) February 1, 2023

• LeBron James dressed up for Tuesday night’s game against the Knicks (in Madison Square Garden on national TV, shouldn’t have been a surprise). Anthony Davis was also cleared to play.

• After sitting out against the Nets on Monday, LeBron is officially questionable to play Tuesday at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks and will be a game-time decision. Lakers coach Darvin Ham says LeBron has “a really bad pain” in his left foot (after playing 44 minutes against Boston). LeBron and the medical staff will talk after LeBron begins warming up Tuesday to determine if LeBron can play at Madison Square Garden, a game he hates to miss because he loves playing there.

• The Lakers have officially signed LeBron (and Anthony Davis) as an absentee for Monday night’s game in Brooklyn. It’s the first straight game for the Lakers, and they’ve rested LeBron in half of those for most of the season. This will push back the date he breaks the record, making it likely to happen at Arena.

• LeBron scored 41 points – and felt he should have had a few more – in the Lakers’ overtime loss to the Celtics on national television on Saturday.

LeBron in Boston…

41 dots
9 rebounds
8 assists
6 three

117 points to the all-time record.

— NBA (@NBA) January 29, 2023

• Sixers Doc Rivers on what impresses him about LeBron’s race to that record: ‘LeBron did things so differently for me [thank Kareem]. Because LeBron is not a natural scorer. LeBron is a playmaker. He was criticized early in his career for making the right decisions. And the fact that he is now on the verge of breaking the goalscoring record, it really underlines his greatness.

• LeBron scored 20 points in the Lakers’ win over Spurs, a game in which Anthony Davis returned from injury and Rui Hachimura made his Laker debut after being traded from the Wizards.

• What did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar say about LeBron breaking his record? There was a bit of coldness between the two men, but Abdul-Jabbar was gracious in his comments to Marc Stein in 2021 about the possibility of his record falling: “I am delighted that this is happening. I don’t see records as personal achievements, but rather as human achievements. If one person can do something that has never been done, that means we all have a chance to do it. It is a source of hope and inspiration. Roger Bannister beat the mile in four minutes in 1954. Since then, not only have 1,400 runners beaten this time, but the new record is 17 seconds less. We all win when a record is broken and if LeBron breaks mine, I’ll be there to cheer him on.

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