Gear Of The Week: Scotty Cameron Interview

Gear Of The Week: Scotty Cameron Interview

Gear of the Week: Interview with Scotty Cameron

This week we have a very special interview with master putter craftsman Scotty Cameron! The legendary putter designer talks to us about his latest line of Super Select putters and gives us a behind the curtain look at his world, his favorite putter he developed and the current putter he has in the bag. It also gives us a look at the most valuable Scotty Cameron putter in existence as well as the famous flatstick that has guided Tiger Woods to the majority of his major wins. Watch the full video below.

Scotty Cameron is renowned for designing some of the best putters ever since he got into the design game in the late 1980s. Since signing exclusively with Titleist in 1994, Cameron has continued to craft putters for over 500 tournament winners and has won 44 major men’s tournaments, second only to Ping. His presence on the Tour is permanent with three of the four big men’s winners in 2022 using one of Scotty’s models.

The Scotty Cameron Super Select range will be available on two launches in March and May 2023. Ten new models will be launched on two launches, including the Newport, Newport Plus, Newport 2, Newport 2 Plus and Sqaureback 2 which will be launched in March, and the Fastback 1.5, Del Mar and the new GOLO 6 and GOLO 6.5 models will be launched in May.

If you want to listen to the full Scotty Cameron interview, you can listen to the Gear Of The Week show podcast which is available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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