Worst-case scenario for Detroit Pistons

Worst-case scenario for Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons draft pick (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

The draft season is almost in full swing. With the way the Detroit Pistons’ season is going, once the trade deadline passes, we can all almost entirely turn our attention to this summer’s 2023 NBA Draft. So it’s time for PistonPowered’s first draft of the season.

As of this writing, the Detroit Pistons control the second-worst record in the NBA, with just half a game separating them from Houston for the record-worst trophy.

To determine my lottery order, I took a spin on Tankathon, where the Pistons haven’t had the best luck. In fact, that’s about the worst-case scenario for the Detroit Pistons, who could drop all the way to No. 6 right now, but have dropped to No. 5, not the reward they’re looking for after another miserable season. .

For the sake of this simulation, here’s how the draft will play out:

HoustonSan AntonioChicagoTorontoDetroitCharlotteOrlandoNew Orleans (via LAL)IndianaPortlandWashingtonOklahoma CityUtahPhoenix

In this scenario, the Detroit Pistons are one of the lottery losers, along with Charlotte. The Pistons remain in the top 5, however, one above their sixth-pick floor, based on current standings.

Before the forks come out, the way the odds are constructed actually gives the Pistons the best chance of picking fifth place, 27.8% if they own the second-worst record and 47.9% if they own the worse.

Last season, we saw it in full force when the Pistons dropped out of the top 4, ending up with the fifth pick and selecting Jaden Ivey.

Chicago and Toronto both make jumps to the top 4 chosen by the lottery, with Houston being the lottery winner with its worst league record.

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