Vancouver Canucks Trade With Winger Has Hurdles

Vancouver Canucks Trade With Winger Has Hurdles

There’s a big sellout going on with the Vancouver Canucks. The first domino has already fallen as Captain Bo Horvat was traded to the New York Islanders. It will fall from here because many other parts will be moving. Today’s rumors center around a Brock Boeser trade.

Brock Boeser could be a trade candidate

Rumor: Insider Trading discussed a Brock Boeser trade hinged on maintaining salary.

INSIDER TRADING: #TSNHockey insiders discuss…

– Horvat open to contract negotiations
– Boeser’s interest hinges on maintaining salary
– IIHF and Russian players
– More discipline for Zegras, Stecher
– The situation of the Los Angeles goalkeeper
– NHLPA Leadership Search


— TSN Hockey (@TSNHockey) January 31, 2023

A trade with Brock Boeser seems inevitable at this point. He’s been rumored in the Trade Plant for several seasons now. It is curious that it depends on the salary withheld. This is simply poor asset management. Boeser and the Canucks agreed to a three-year contract last summer. He has a cap of $6.5 million per season, which is not heavy but not cheap either at the deadline. If the Canucks were going to trade him, they should have done it sooner, but having a team come and call the withheld salary is a bonus.

Why a team should trade for Boeser

Any team looking for a key player should trade for Brock Boeser. Not only is he young, but he has a contract term and is not a tenant. Since his league debut, he has scored 20 goals in every season except one. This season is disappointing for him as he has nine goals. Boeser also consistently finished with over 40 points, while hitting 50 twice.

He’s not known for his offensive drive, but he has the ability to finish and put the puck in the back of the net. You can never have too many playoff goals, and Boeser fits the bill.

Another domino in the trade factory

One thing Elliotte Friedman touched on was Vancouver Canucks goaltender Thatcher Demko. Demko is young and a very competent goalkeeper. There are three potential fits he sees for him. If he is indeed on the block, there will be plenty of suitors to take a chance on the young keeper.

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