Megyn Kelly rips TJ Holmes, Amy Robach over ‘GMA3’ affair

Megyn Kelly rips TJ Holmes, Amy Robach over ‘GMA3’ affair

Megyn Kelly says ousted ‘Good Morning America’ presenters TJ Holmes and Amy Robach made a ‘huge PR mistake’ in response to public exposure of the affair that led to their exit from ABC .

Kelly slammed the pair after photos emerged of Robach jumping into Holmes’ arms in a PDA-filled embrace in Los Angeles just hours after they signed exit deals finalizing their departures from the network.

“They don’t understand – no one watches this and says ‘true love,'” the media personality said during Monday’s episode of ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’ on Sirius XM radio.

“They cheated on their spouses. They cheated on their children. Yes, it happens. It’s sad. Act like it’s sad. Stop projecting “I’m not giving anything to anyone I’ve hurt,” Kelly added.

Holmes and Robach have come under intense scrutiny since last November, when Page Six and other outlets revealed the married “Good Morning America” ​​co-hosts had engaged in a multi-party affair. month. The news sparked an internal investigation, as well as possible revelations that Holmes had affairs with three other ABC employees.

Megyn Kelly says the former presenters made a public relations mistake. YouTube/Megyn Kelly

ABC confirmed their departures in a statement last week and described the affair and its fallout as a “distraction” for network employees.

Kelly argued that Holmes and Robach, who have been regularly pictured together in recent weeks, have taken the wrong tone in their handling of the saga.

“I think those two could have come out, they could have said on the show the next day, ‘We’re very embarrassed. It’s true. It was a private matter that we wanted to resolve privately given that we we have children and we have spouses but we couldn’t given the Daily Mail report and we will be taking some time off to take care of them and we hope we can earn your forgiveness and trust when we return said Kelly.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach signed exit deals last week.ajrobach/Instagram

“And then lay low,” Kelly continued. “Stop with the very clearly orchestrated photo events in South Beach, where they were kissing and caressing, while their cheating spouses posted sad-faced photos with their children, who looked incredibly desperate. It was a huge public relations mistake. They orchestrated it 100%, in my opinion.

Kelly expressed her opinion that the couple’s behavior after the affair emerged played a key role in ABC’s decision to cut ties with them.

The affair between Holmes and Robach broke last November. ajrobach/Instagram

“I think there’s a really good reason why they lost their jobs,” Kelly said. “I think it was two things – the ridiculous PR behavior they adopted after the scandal broke. They handled the media exactly the wrong way, in my opinion. And number two, it turns out he had all these other alleged hookup partners at ABC.

“I suspect they were in a position of, ‘What are you going to do?’ Are you going to drop the black anchor and are you going to let the white female stay? That can’t happen. She had to go too,” she added.

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