Netflix Adds New Audio Feature, But Only For Most Expensive Tier

Netflix Adds New Audio Feature, But Only For Most Expensive Tier

It’ll be music to your ears, at least if you’re signed up to Netflix’s premium tier. The streaming service has announced that space audio is available for more than 700 titles, such as Stranger Things, Wednesday, and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. But this feature is only available for people who pay $20 per month.

Netflix says no special equipment is needed to enjoy Spatial Audio, which aims to deliver a theater-like experience where sound surrounds you. The improvement can be heard whether you’re watching TV, a laptop, or even a smartphone. As proof, the company released a video showing the differences between standard and spatial audio. Check it out below:

The catalog of content offering spatial sound will continue to grow, according to Netflix. The company pointed to future titles — like You, Your Place or Mine, and Luther: The Fallen Sun — offering the feature when they premiere.

In addition to spatial audio, Netflix added that premium subscribers will be able to download shows and movies to more devices. The previous limit was four, but that number has been increased to six. It should be mentioned that this higher level is also the only way to watch series and films in 4K HDR.

Earlier this week, Netflix released two completed films, though they may appear elsewhere. The filmmakers behind The Inheritance and House/Wife are selling their projects to other distributors.

Besides, it’s the first of the month. That means there’s a ton of new stuff coming to Netflix in February, including Call Me By Your Name and La La Land. Perhaps the biggest addition, however, is the return of The Lord of the Rings trilogy to the streaming service.

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