Kolkata’s Sumit Bajaj On Record Predicted ‘Gautam Adani’s’ Wealth Crash

Kolkata’s Sumit Bajaj On Record Predicted ‘Gautam Adani’s’ Wealth Crash

New Delhi, India, February 1: 4 months back in September 2022, Pathaan’s unstoppable success, FIFA World Cup results, T20 World Cup cricket match results, accident plane crashes from Nepal, earthquakes, drone attacks from Iran lately and many other predictions of its place on how?

In the month of September 2022, Sumit Bajaj from Kolkata officially predicted that from end of January 2023 to February 2023, Gautam Adani will face huge financial problem, his net worth will drop drastically and currently Adani’s net worth has dropped by almost $26 billion.

It is common for astrologers to make random predictions on all matters in the world, but most of them are not accurate. Sumit’s prediction had an 85-90% success rate, which is definitely questionable since sumit can be so accurate most of the time.

Sumit has been consistent in all of his On Record predictions, be it political outcomes, entertainment outcomes, world events, or sporting events.

He announced that amid the boycott and negativity around Shahrukh Khans film, the success of Pathaan and SRK would be unstoppable which the world is currently witnessing.

Sumit predicted catastrophe (covid) in June 2019. He also predicted many election results. In April 2018, he predicted that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi would go through a period of weakness and the situation would turn completely in his favor by mid-March 2019. Balakot and a surgical strike took place and the Modi wave started in the country.

Sumit also predicted the exact seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as well as the seats in specific states like West Bengal, UP, Rahul Gandhi defeat in Amethi, etc.

Sumit predicted the outcome of the Delhi 2020 elections with accurate seats. The rise of BJP in Maharashtra in 2022 was also predicted earlier when he wrote that Devendra Fadnavis would get ahead. The 2020 US election result was predicted 5 months in advance. Not only a victory for Joe Biden, but also close competition was predicted.

During the FIFA World Cup, he made 32 predictions, 27 of which were correct.

The list is long, so we reached out to Sumit to find out more about him and any future predictions he could share with us.

Born in Kolkata, Sumit comes from a Marwari family and astrology was his childhood love. Curiosity made him an avid student and his love for astrology gives him results today. Sumit was inspired by the Sages of India who always had vast knowledge of this mystical science. Although Sumit agrees that astrology is too big to know everything. He humbly predicts based on his astrological and mathematical calculations.

Sumit is currently predicting that Ace Cricketer Rohit Sharma’s bad phase over the past 2 years is about to end once Saturn enters Aquarius. Rohit struck a century recently after the Saturn Transit. Also, after a few months, Rohit will enter his 37th year, which should be very good for him. Double century possibly in June-August seven period

Another prediction from Sumit is that there could be a major geopolitical event in the world after April 20, 2023 to June 2023. This could be an issue with US President Joe Biden and a major event between Russia and Ukraine to end the war.

Sumit is never afraid of trolls and making his predictions on social media is part of his usual routine. Sumit got #6 in California, but his soul connection was astrology.

We have our eyes on Sumit for his future predictions now.


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