Intel drops the price of Arc A750 GPU to just $249, new driver gets performance improvements

Intel drops the price of Arc A750 GPU to just 9, new driver gets performance improvements

Intel says Game On, Arc A750 GPU is now cheaper

Intel has announced a price drop on its mid-range GPU to tackle the GeForce RTX 3060.

The GPU maker is slashing the price of the A750 GPU to $249 in the US, which is $30 less than at launch. The price reduction is to be applied worldwide, but Intel does not share pricing for other regions.

Intel has unveiled improvements to its new ‘4086’ driver (although the latest driver is 4091). It is said to deliver 10% to 77% better performance with the Arc A750 GPU. The new driver also significantly improves frame times compared to the launch drivers from a few months ago. The FPS percentile has also improved:

Intel Arc A750 vs RTX 3060 with new drivers, Source: Intel

Intel claims that the Arc A750 will now deliver 52% better performance per dollar compared to the NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPU. These are of course numbers provided by Intel, and they have yet to be verified by independent media. The RTX 3060 now costs around $391, which is significantly more than the Arc A750.

Intel Driver ‘4086’ (Arc A750) Complaints:

1080p Avg FPS: Up to 77% improvement Normalized 1080p 99th percentile: Up to 114% improvement 1440p Avg FPS: Up to 87% improvement 1440p Normalized 99th percentile: Up to 123% improvement : 60%

Intel Arc A750 vs RTX 3060 with new drivers, Source: Intel

Most Intel Arc GPUs are readily available at MSRP, which means the $249 price tag should translate easily to retail price. At this price, it will certainly push NVIDIA to focus on the mid-range segment, which unfortunately has not been the case for a long time. Along with the new pricing announcement also came the reveal of a new games bundle, some Arc A-series GPUs now come with free copies of The Settlers: New Allies and Nightingale.

Intel Desktop Arc Alchemist Series Specifications Videocardz.comARC A770 16GBARC A770 8GBARC A750GPUACM-G10ACM-G10ACM-G10XE CORESXMX MINDESFP32 CORESGPU HORLYMORY SIZEMEMORY BUSMORY CLYCORTOROTORTO, $20, $20 $1222 $129.

Source: ComputerBase, Wccftech

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