Tsugunohi DLC ‘Supernatural Supermarket’ now available

Tsugunohi DLC ‘Supernatural Supermarket’ now available

Publisher Vaka Game Magazine and developer ImCyan have released the Tsugunohi Tsugunohi -Supernatural Supermarket- DLC for PC via Steam for $1.99.

Tsugunohi -Supernatural Supermarket- is the tenth story in the Tsugunohi horror series. This requires users to own the Tsugunohi base game (Steam page), which includes the previous nine stories.

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Tsugunohi -Supernatural Supermarket-, a free-to-play version of which was released on December 22, 2022, is finally available on Steam today, February 1, 2023.

This game is the “highlight” of the Tsugunohi series, which has reached its 10th anniversary, and has more horror scenes than any other game in its history. The number of horror scenes attacking the player during gameplay is the largest ever. The combination of weird words that send shivers down your spine as you figure out their meaning and background music that stirs up your fears will take you further and further into the world of the story.

The Steam version of the game will be available in six languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. Different languages ​​let you experience different tastes of horror in the same scene. The “special words” that appear in the film are also presented in different ways in each translated version to create a sense of doom.



-Simplified Chinese

-Traditional Chinese



In addition to the dialogue spoken by the characters, we have also translated the text and some of the backgrounds that appear in the artwork, so please pay attention.

See a new set of screenshots in the gallery.


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