Tom Brady’s retirement first significant move in 2023 NFL offseason quarterback market

Tom Brady’s retirement first significant move in 2023 NFL offseason quarterback market

The Las Vegas Raiders, who have already made it clear that Derek Carr will not return, are now without a franchise quarterback and without their most enticing option. There will be no reunion between Brady and Josh McDaniels, who shared so much success in New England, and that means the Raiders, already coming off a disappointing season under McDaniels, are in the unenviable position of having to find a quarterback who can generate as much excitement and earning potential.

It had always seemed like a long time for Brady to join the San Francisco 49ers, even though it was his hometown team. His children are on the East Coast and even if Brady had continued to play, it seemed likely that he would favor closeness with them. Still, the 49ers, with Brady next year, would have been a strong Super Bowl contender, erasing the huge quarterback questions Kyle Shanahan now faces and pairing Brady with powerful running backs and the best defense in the game. the league. The Niners will likely instead have Trey Lance and Brock Purdy, who will suffer a serious elbow injury, competing for the job, while Jimmy Garoppolo will eventually leave as a free agent. The Niners are so good that they started three different quarters and still made the NFC Championship Game. Brady would have had a good chance of putting them over.

The Miami Dolphins can finally move forward with Tua Tagovailoa, without Brady’s shadow. Tagovailoa’s 2022 breakout season had all but slammed the door on the possibility of Brady’s arrival, but the Dolphins may still be the best example of Brady’s temptation even as his career draws to a close.

Team owner Stephen Ross coveted Brady so much that he was suspended for part of last season for tampering with Brady, in an effort to woo him to Miami while still under contract with the Bucs .

The rest of the league may have rolled their eyes at Ross’ clumsiness. But there was little doubt that they understood his ardor. Even as Brady prepared to walk, many of them would have shared it.

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