Juveniles fire gel ball gun inside Pa. theatre for social media ‘challenge’: Police

Juveniles fire gel ball gun inside Pa. theatre for social media ‘challenge’: Police

According to Bucks County police, two minors walked into a theater Tuesday night and fired a gel ball gun while a movie was showing.

Police responded to the Regal Cinema at 104 Easton Road in Warrington Township Police at around 8.40pm to a report of shots being fired from a BB gun.

When police arrived, an official said two minors were responsible for the shots inside one of the theaters. Then they fled the theater in a waiting sedan.

The weapon involved was later discovered to be an Orbeez-type gel bead gun, which fires gel and water-filled beads, police said. Videos online show that pellets can leave a welt but seem to be less harmful than metal BBs or plastic pellets. But police say they can still cause injury, especially at close range.

Police believe the incident is linked to a challenge circulating on social media.

“Last year, social media challenges increased the popularity of these weapons and the prank of shooting random people with them while another is filming,” police said. “Usually these pranks take place in crowded areas.”

They recommend that parents talk to their children about the dangers and potential charges they could face if they participate in the challenge.

“Please tell your children and teenagers about the dangers associated with this. Many of these gel ball guns may appear realistic and can easily be mistaken for a real threat,” police said in a statement.

Police say the incident is one of many that have taken place in Warrington Township.


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