LeBron James is now No. 4 all-time in NBA assists

LeBron James is now No. 4 all-time in NBA assists

LeBron James had plenty of big moments in the Los Angeles Lakers’ 129-123 win over the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. With his triple-double last night, LeBron became the first player to record a triple-double after 20 years in the league.

With LeBron’s 28 points, he’s just 89 points away from becoming the all-time points leader. LeBron also accomplished another incredible feat on Tuesday night. With his 11 assists, LeBron passed not only Mark Jackson but also Steve Nash on the all-time assists list. LeBron now sits fourth all-time with 10,336 assists. He passed Nash on that precise pass to Thomas Bryant for the dunk.

What makes this achievement so remarkable

Anytime you’re in the all-time top five in any major category, that means you’re the elite of the elite. What also makes this remarkable is that LeBron is the only non-keeper in the top 34. You don’t see another non-keeper until Scottie Pippen at number 35. So yeah, LeBron leads most of the time for the Los Angeles Lakers, but that’s not his natural position, and being a 250-pound forward makes that even more remarkable.

Think about it: in probably three games or less, he will be the all-time leading scorer and finish in the top four in assists. It’s a feat I don’t think we’ll ever see again in NBA history, at least not in most of our lifetimes. Of course, LeBron probably won’t catch Chris Paul, who is third and just under 1,000 assists ahead of LeBron, but finishing number four all-time seems like a good place to talk about the 70+ year history. of the NBA.

Yes, becoming the all-time leader in points is the greatest achievement a player can have when it comes to individual stats, but that’s something to be said for a 250-pound forward who is among the greatest point guards. game of all time. -List of assists.

I grew up in Houston and have been a lifelong Rockets fan, but when you get the chance to witness greatness, you sit back and enjoy the show, no matter what team they play for. Legends don’t come often, so enjoy the greatness while you can.

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