ESPN Buries Tom Brady Retirement For Random WNBA News

ESPN Buries Tom Brady Retirement For Random WNBA News

February 1, 2023 marked one of the most historic days in sports history. The day marked the end of Tom Brady, the greatest consensus football player in history.

Brady’s retirement is certainly the main story in sports, and indeed in various non-sports programs. But there was an exception. A notable exception, in fact. brought to light a different story on Wednesday. The network buried the Brady news to prioritize an unknown woman changing teams in the WNBA.

Someone named Breanna Stewart, who they claim has won the MVP title, is leaving the Seattle Storm for the New York Liberty.


This, not the GOAT retirement, led ESPN homepage and app:

We get ESPN has boxes to check and sentiments not to hurt. Emphasizing the WNBA with social justice is the edict inside the walls of ESPN.

Yet since ESPN published a July 4 anti-American column from drummer Howard Bryant, an editorial decision hasn’t been so moot.

(Does ESPN support women or not?)

Promoting a league with less interest than high school football the day Tom Brady retired doesn’t empower women. Rather, it is a form of pimping.

It’s an insult to sports fans. The ruling shows that ESPN doesn’t care what its readers want to consume.

Recently, ESPN led its flagship 6 p.m. “SportsCenter” with two articles on women’s college basketball. ESPN chose NCAAW over NFL playoffs and Patrick Mahomes ankle updates.

The network chose to serve hundreds, not millions. Dubious business, no doubt.

Just like comparing three other random women like the new LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Meet the new “Big 3” – for the first time:

Men’s and women’s sports are not equal. Look at ratings, earnings, popularity.

Treating the WNBA like the NFL is not egalitarian. This is bad business, mocking behavior.

Note: ESPN has reprioritized Brady on the homepage. The box was checked and the web traffic was leaked.

Rewrite sports history. February 1, 2023 marks the day Stewart Breanna, or something like that, switched teams.

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