NASCAR drivers sign up to run full-time in SRX Series

NASCAR drivers sign up to run full-time in SRX Series

Hailie Deegan, Brad Keselowski, Bobby Labonte and Ryan Newman have all signed up to race full-time in the SRX series; Denny Hamlin adds his name to the entry list

SRX is a six-race miniseries that takes place in July and August. The series builds the cars and provides them to the drivers, a truly level playing field. The series is jointly owned by Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham.

Hailie Deegan, Brad Keselowski, Bobby Labonte and Ryan Newman have all signed up to run full-time on the show. Deegan and Keselowski also race full-time in NASCAR.

Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer were previously announced as drivers who will race part-time in the series. It was also announced that Denny Hamlin will take part in the series when it opens on July 13. Hamlin makes his series debut at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Denny Hamlin comments

“I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the SRX season opener at Stafford Motor Speedway,” said Hamlin. “This track has so much history, to finally be able to race there will be a to-do list item for me. It’s been fun to watch SRX grow over the past two years, and it’s an honor that they asked me to join them.

Commentary by Brad Keselowski

“I’ve watched the SRX series on TV over the years, and given our limited practice and qualifying time in motorsport, it provides another outlet to save time on the track and improve my craft. “, said Keselowski.

“The addition of ESPN and the return of Thursday Night Thunder is a huge plus as the series continues to bring its exciting product to fans at home. This is an incredible opportunity for me to compete and I’m thrilled that this starts this summer.

Comments by Hailie Deegan

“I can’t wait to use the full SRX series. Since I entered my first SRX race, I was hoping the schedule would suit where I could race full time,” Deegan said. “Coming back to the SRX series is already exciting, but being able to run the full series makes it even better. At the start of this year, I was hoping to have no conflicts and be able to compete for the full season.

Comments by Ryan Newman

“I am honored to be competing in the SRX Series again this year. Last year was a great experience, and the journey for me and my girls to victory lane in Stafford (CT) will be remembered. back on Thursday Night Thunder with Tony will also be special,” said Ryan Newman.

Comments by Bobby Labonte

“It’s quite an honor to be invited back to the SRX series for a third year. Everyone has done a great job of making the series more popular every year. We had a good run last year, won a race and fought for the championship. I’m really excited to be competitive again this year and to compete for the 2023 series championship,” said NASCAR Hall of Famer Bobby Labonte.

Don Hawk’s comments

“When I reached out to Denny and he responded so positively, it helped me validate why ESPN and the return of Thursday Night Thunder was such a good move for SRX. The model allows us to secure his caliber talented and he can drive flat out, we are delighted to have him and love his enthusiasm to be apart of the field.

“When we made the deal with ESPN for Thursday Night Thunder, I imagined someone from Indy Car or NASCAR might try to run all 6 races for the championship. Brad was up to the challenge. I’ve known Brad for a long time, he doesn’t plan to fail, he methodically develops a strategy and then commits to it,” SRX CEO Don Hawk said. “Brad doesn’t just run SRX full time , but he’s also a championship driver and owner of NASCAR’s premier series. This is a huge plus for racing and SRX fans.”

“Hailie was on the roster that Tony and I had been working on since day one. The Thursday Night Thunder platform gives a superstar like her the ability to host all 6 SRX events, and fans are going to love it. I’m a fan and I think she will be very competitive week after week.

“Newman was not only the hardest to pass on the track, but he was extremely consistent in finishing races and in points. I can’t wait to see his second year,” said Don Hawk.

“Bobby is as smooth as silk, always competitive and a fan favourite. He was an easy pick because of his riding style, his championship bloodlines and he knows how to take care of his equipment. Welcome Bobby.

Part-Time EntriesSRX Series (Photo: South Boston Speedway)

Denny Hamlin
Stafford Motor Circuit (July 13)

Kyle Busch
Motor Mile Speedway (July 27)
Berlin Hippodrome (August 3)

Kevin Harvick
Stafford Motor Circuit (July 13)
Berlin Hippodrome (August 3)

Clint Bower
Stafford Motor Circuit (July 13)
Motor Mile Speedway (July 27)
Lucas Oil Raceway (August 17)

2023 Stafford Motor Speedway Schedule (Photo: Camping World SRX Series)

July 13, 2023
Stafford Motor Circuit
Stafford Springs, Connecticut

July 20, 2023
Thunder Road Speed ​​Bowl
Barre, Vermont

July 27, 2023
Motor Mile Speedway
Radford, Virginia

August 3, 2023
Berlin Hippodrome
Grand Rapids, Michigan

August 10, 2023
Eldora Motor Speedway
Rossburg, Ohio

August 17, 2023
Lucas Oil Speedway
Wheatland, Mo.

SRX series moves to ESPN in 2023


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