iOS 17 feature request: New App Library options

iOS 17 feature request: New App Library options

App Library was added to the iPhone home screen as part of the release of iOS 14. The feature gives users a way to move apps from their home screen while keeping them keeping on their device, which was not possible before. The App Library was a big change for the iPhone back then, but Apple hasn’t made any other changes since then.

With iOS 17 this year, I hope Apple decides to expand the App Library with some additional customization options.

iOS 17 Feature Request

In its current implementation, the Application Library offers no customization. On the top row are “Recently Added” and “Suggested” app folders, and below that are folders containing all the other apps on your iPhone. These folders are auto-generated by Apple, so you have no control over which apps go into which folders and in what order those folders appear.

Each of these folders also displays three large icons that you can tap directly from the main App Library screen for easier access. Which icons are getting this treatment? It depends on Apple, all based on some sort of Siri intelligence system.

Unsurprisingly, the intelligence system that defines the app library can be buggy and unreliable. You’ll find apps in random folders, apps you haven’t opened in months will appear in the “Suggestions” folder, and more. In its current implementation, you have no way to fix these issues.

In iOS 17, I hope Apple gives me more control over the App Library in three ways. These are all basic requests that would give users much more control over their iPhone experience.

Sort the order of folders in the App Library Customize the three apps pinned to the top of folders Let me hide apps completely (basically make certain apps only visible when searching through the home screen)

Apple has added a number of other customization options to the iPhone home screen and lock screen over the past couple of years, but the app library feels very stiff. Not only can’t you hide it entirely, but you can’t even customize it to your liking.

App Library is a great feature for decluttering your iPhone home screen, and I hope it’s something Apple makes some improvements with iOS 17.

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