What led to the death of high school football coach Russell Liroux?

What led to the death of high school football coach Russell Liroux?

Although violence has been excused between groups of fans, the reality is that there is no excuse for the tragedy that occurred after the college game. Moreover, it is the fact that we are left with a lack of clarity as to why a coach lost his life.

Middle School Brawl ends with the death of coach Russell Giroux

According to reports released Tuesday, a fatal brawl involving a number of fans took place at a college basketball game in northern Vermont on Tuesday. According to reports, at least one person lost their life, namely Russell Giroux, 60, who died following the altercation. Vermont state troopers were dispatched to the Alburgh Community Education Center around 7:00 p.m. Tuesday night, according to reports, following a call that there was a big fight between fans after a seventh and eighth grade basketball game.

As for the game itself, the contest was between lburgh and St. Albans. Although the details are still sketchy, what we can confirm is that a number of spectators in attendance that day ended up on the wrong side of the law. From shoving to punching and pushing, what we can understand is that the situation was completely out of control. Still, it should be noted that, according to reports, the conflict ended before state troopers arrived on the scene. That didn’t stop them from attacking a number of people. Indeed, there were several reports of excessive violence, including pushing, punching and kicking. Of note, Giroux, who police confirmed was involved in the fight, sought medical attention and was taken by ambulance to Northwestern Medical Center in St. Albans. He was later pronounced dead in hospital.

Russell Giroux is dead but what happens now?

To be clear, Giroux’s death is being investigated by state police, as well as the Grand Isle State’s Attorney’s Office. That is, next to the Vermont medical examiner’s office, an autopsy will be performed to establish the official cause of death. Yet, regardless of the official results, we have witnessed yet another example of a sport taking precedence over basic empathy. Which is to say, it’s not OK. Rest in peace Russell Giroux.

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