Sparks’ Dearica Hamby blasts Aces for ‘traumatizing’ her after pregnancy announcement; WNBPA investigating

Sparks’ Dearica Hamby blasts Aces for ‘traumatizing’ her after pregnancy announcement; WNBPA investigating

During her introductory press conference with the Los Angeles Sparks on Wednesday, forward Dearica Hamby confirmed that the Women’s National Basketball Players Association had opened an investigation into the conduct of Las Vegas Aces management before trading Hamby in January.

“At the moment it’s just an investigation,” Hamby said. “I’m not going to talk too much about the situation, about what has been said, about the things that have been done, but I am convinced that the league will do what it has to do.

“It’s a process that needs to happen. For now, I’m going to stick to what I said in my statement, and the [Players Association] does its part right now, and then we’ll see.”

Hamby, who was traded from the Aces to the Sparks on Jan. 21, slammed the Aces for “traumatizing” her in a bombshell statement posted to Instagram hours after the deal was struck. Later that night, the WNBPA announced that it had begun an investigation into the conduct of the Aces after an anonymous player raised “serious concerns”. As is commonly believed, this player has been confirmed as Hamby.

Hamby claimed the Aces were dishonest with her during contract negotiations over the summer, adding that they falsely accused her of signing an extension while knowingly pregnant. The two-time sixth player of the year announced her second pregnancy after the Aces won their first-ever WNBA title last September, prompting Aces management to question her commitment to the team because, according to Hamby, they don’t “didn’t expect” her. become pregnant within two years.

“I was asked if I had planned my pregnancy,” Hamby wrote. “When I said ‘no’ I was then told ‘I wasn’t taking precautions not to get pregnant’. I was traded because ‘I wouldn’t be ready and we need bodies’ “I had planned to play this season and I expressed my desire to play this season. I pushed myself throughout my pregnancy and continued to train (basketball included) alone and with team staff, even on days when it was uncomfortable to walk, only to be told to wrong that “I didn’t take my workouts seriously”. “

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Hamby claimed she “remained transparent” with the team only for her honesty to be “responded to the coldness, disrespect and contempt from members of management”. The 29-year-old found the treatment particularly disturbing because it came from women who espoused values ​​that support other women.

“The unprofessional and unethical way I dealt with was traumatic,” Hamby wrote. “To be treated this way by an organization, BY WOMEN who are mothers, who have claimed to be ‘in these shoes’, who preach family, chemistry and female empowerment, is disappointing and sickens me. ”

During his press conference, Hamby reaffirmed his hopes of playing this season. “As far as the timeline, I’m going to do what feels right to me and right now I’m not sure what’s going to happen,” Hamby said. “I plan on having a healthy labor and delivery, of course, and if it goes as planned, I’ll be back on the pitch soon.”

The Aces have yet to respond to statements from Hamby and the WNBPA.

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