Bruins’ Brad Marchand feuds with Leafs YouTuber and reporter

Bruins’ Brad Marchand feuds with Leafs YouTuber and reporter

The NHL might have its own version of Kevin Durant on Twitter in the form of Brad Marchand.

No one has come close to being as social media savvy as the NBA superstar, but the Boston Bruins winger is definitely one of hockey’s most online players. His savagery, however, reached new heights on Wednesday.

It all started when Arizona Coyotes reporter Craig Morgan was trying to get some clarification on what happened on the ice only to have defenseman Troy Stecher get mad at Ducks winger Trevor Zegras more early this week. Initially, it was assumed that Zegras had mentioned Stecher’s late father, but reports have surfaced that this was not the case.

Marchand then tweeted “Shut your pie hole Craig” in response to Morgan’s report that the spat on the ice was not about Stecher’s father. With the Bruins in Toronto on Wednesday, Jacob Stoller of The Hockey News asked Marchand what he meant by that.

After reporting that Marchand played down the question a bit, the Bruins star went back online to talk to Stoller.

After warming up a bit, Sportsnet’s Steve Dangle decided to step in and check on Marchand. Well, of course the winger wouldn’t back down.

The 34-year-old must have felt the attention of the Toronto spotlight and really made the few hours before the puck drop worth it. After the morning practice, Marchand went on to explain that there aren’t any Leafs players who really like to tweet on the ice and joked about how Mitch Marner passes on the trash talk in favor of other topics. .

“Mitch talks about video games, his dog and those terrible new skates he released,” Marchand said. “Other than that, there aren’t a lot of guys who like to get into it.”

He even went on to dig into the Leafs’ roster construction when it comes to salary and cap, explaining why the Bruins have managed to maintain success since winning the Stanley Cup in 2011.

“Guys tried to take less to win because we know that affects the roster,” Marchand said. “If you can have six guys winning less than three, it’s a lot harder to play against. And that’s why we’ve been good for so long.”

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To be fair, Toronto had its scoring depth issues beyond the highly paid trio of Auston Matthews, John Tavares and Marner. The team was unfortunately unable to advance to the first round of the playoffs, so Marchand might have a small point here.

The Bruins face the Leafs on Wednesday night in a battle between the top two clubs in the Atlantic Division. This season, Marchand is the team’s second scorer with 46 points in 42 games.

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