Top Gun Fanboy Chase Elliott Selects Tom Cruise for His Biopic: “Wouldn’t Be a Bad Option”

Top Gun Fanboy Chase Elliott Selects Tom Cruise for His Biopic: “Wouldn’t Be a Bad Option”

Over the past three or four decades, few actors have had such prolific and enduring careers as Tom Cruise. Since hitting the big time in the ’80s, Cruise has continued that momentum and reinvented himself from a fantasy drama actor to one of the greatest action heroes of all time – the combination of which Top Gun Maverick was recently exhibited. It’s no wonder then that Chase Elliott wants Cruise for his own biopic.

The Hendrick Motorsports driver, in addition to being a NASCAR superstar driver unanimously ranked as one of the best of his generation, is also a licensed driver with a deep passion for aviation.

Cruise also had experience in stock car racing, with Days of Thunder, and of course, in aviation with the Top Gun movies.


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Perhaps that’s why Elliott cast him in a recent interview to play his role whenever a movie is made about his life.

Chase Elliott names the last movie he saw

In a recent interview on the Heidi and Frank Morning Show, Elliott was asked what was the last movie he saw, which he immediately went to, “Top Gun.”

“Top Gun. It was a great movie. I think they did really well with it,” he said.

The 2020 Cup champion was then asked who would be his pick to play Chase Elliott if there was ever a Chase Elliott Story movie. “Tom Cruise wouldn’t be a bad option, he was pretty good in Days of Thunder,” Elliott replied.

“He has a pretty good reputation in motorsport and all that different stuff, so it wouldn’t be a bad option.”

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But it’s not like Elliott is a fan of every NASCAR-related blockbuster movie, which was evident by his answer about how many times he’s seen Talladega Nights.

“I’m not a fan of Talladega Nights. I can’t say I watched it much,” he replied.

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Elliott on the ’embarrassing thing’ in NASCAR last season

Last season Chase Elliott won 5 races. But in one of those five, well, let’s just say he got lucky, because of which he himself considers his 2022 win tally to be 4.5, not 5.


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It was Pocono. And after the checkered flag fell, Elliott was in third place. But then NASCAR decided to disqualify Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch, and promote the third-placed driver to victory lane.

This, for Elliott, while a bit odd for NASCAR, was not all that new to motorsport. “It was such an embarrassing thing. And honestly, one that feels like…everyone said we had five wins last year. It’s really four and a half years,” he said of of the Pocono victory.


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“It’s kind of unprecedented in NASCAR. But not necessarily in motorsport.

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