Overperforming Teams in the NBA This Season

Overperforming Teams in the NBA This Season

As this NBA season nears All-Star break and we enter the second half of the regular season, there have been a few teams that have exceeded expectations.

With a plethora of teams close in the standings and record differentials this season, some teams have had surprising starts to the year. Below are the top four teams that surprised the NBA with their play in the first 50 games.

Brooklyn Nets (31-19), 4th in the East

The first team to exceed expectations so far this season are the Brooklyn Nets. Some might say they shouldn’t be on the list because they have two superstars, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Considering the fact that Kevin Durant asked for a trade before the season even started, making it look like this team was already falling apart after their terrible playoff performance last season, being the only team to be swept.

A few weeks after the start of the season, Kyrie Irving missed 8 games due to the publication of an anti-Semitic film broadcast on Amazon. Since returning to the roster, the Brooklyn Nets have appeared to resurrect their season under new head coach, Jacque Vaughn and have the fourth best record in the Eastern Conference so far.

Indiana Pacers (24-28), 10th in the East

The Indiana Pacers may be under .500, they are currently ninth in the Eastern Conference with a chance to play in the qualifying tournament.

After trading Malcolm Brogdon and Domantas Sabonis, expectations were low for the Indiana Pacers. Solid contributions from young stallions like Benedict Mathurin and well-rounded veterans like TJ McConnell, Buddy Hield and Myles Turner have Indiana fighting for a Play-In spot in the east.

The biggest key to their success, however, is Tyrese Haliburton, the 22-year-old who is averaging 20 points per game and 10 assists per game and could potentially be an All-Star this season.

Sacramento Kings (28-21), 3rd in the West

The third team in the Western Conference is the Sacramento Kings and they are one of the biggest surprises of this season.

“Lighting the Beam” is a new tradition the Kings do after every win, this season the beam has been lit a bit.

They lead the league in points per game with 120. This team has a quietly deep roster with plenty of shooting and athleticism and plays at a good pace.

Utah Jazz (26-26), 9th in the West

A team that most people thought would consider taking this season for a chance at potential No. 1 pick Victor Wembanyama, currently hold the eighth seed in the Western Conference and are just one game away from fifth seed.

After trading their two most valuable players in Donavon Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, the Jazz are ranked fourth in points per game with good 3-point shooting and good players who understand their role on the team.

They also have two players who average 20 points per game, including Lauri Markkanen, a versatile 7-footer who can stretch the ground with his 3-point shot.

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