Dr. Jerome Adams: Age 13 is ‘too early’ to join social media – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

Dr. Jerome Adams: Age 13 is ‘too early’ to join social media – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Is 13 too young for kids to join social media?

“It’s tough. Thirteen isn’t a magic number for phones or social media, just like 16 isn’t a magic number for driving, but here are some things I want parents to think about,” says Dr. Jerome Adams, WISH-TV’s medical expert and former US Surgeon General.

Adams told News 8 on Wednesday that “your child needs to understand the results and the consequences, they need to know that when they post something online they will be there forever. If they can’t grasp that, then they’re not ready for social media.

Children should be in good mental health before going on social media. “If they’re anxious or depressed, going on social media isn’t going to make it any better. It’s only going to make it worse.

Adams says communication is very important when kids have access to the web. “The most important thing is that you and your child must be able to accept open communication. If they’re facing an online predictor, online bullying, or inappropriate content, you need to have a relationship with them and understand that they’re going to come and talk to you about it.

End of the COVID emergency

President Joe Biden announced his plan to end the COVID national and public health emergencies on May 11. What changes would Americans see?

“The most important change is that the free stuff will disappear. When I say free stuff: free tests, free treatments, free masks and potentially free vaccines could disappear. … Also, things that people don’t think about maybe not In the ER we had a 7000% increase in telehealth and it allowed us to do a lot with the mental health space, even prescribe opioid treatment over the phone. These authorities may disappear, and there are medical countermeasures that are subject to an emergency use authorization. What happens when this emergency use authorization disappears? We must ensure countermeasures can still be deployed if we see another surge occur before or after May 11,” Adams said.

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