New app simplsaver aims to make budgeting easier

New app simplsaver aims to make budgeting easier

It’s about simplsaver, a self-proclaimed financial app that aims to help Australians take control of their finances, improve their financial literacy, and give users a clear picture of their overall financial situation.

simplsaver creator Leigh Stark said the app can help anyone create a budget in less than 60 seconds.

“Budgeting is something nobody does because it often takes too long and doesn’t really explain what our money is doing,” Mr. Stark said.

“I created this app to explain my own finances and stopped using budgeting spreadsheets as soon as it worked. You can literally explain where your money is going so quickly.

How does simplsaver work?

Using the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle, simplsaver explains where your monthly expenses go and only asks for two things: all your expenses and your take home pay (after tax).

The app comes with many expense categories and pre-populated services, making it easy to add monthly staples like Spotify, Netflix, and more.

The following categories are available on simplsaver:

Apps Childcare Delivery Drinks Education Finance Fitness Gaming Gym Membership Insurance Licensing Living Expenses Medical Mortgage Music Services NBN Phone Prescriptions Rental Shopping Software Sports Clubs Memberships Transportation Utilities Video Services Personalized

After entering all your regular expenses, the app will tell you how much money you have left at the end of a month.

Simplsaver data is only available on the user’s phone – no personal data is stored in the cloud or sold to third parties.

“One of the most important aspects of creating simplsaver was making sure people felt safe with their data,” Stark said.

“So I built this to only exist on your device, because it’s your data, not mine or anyone else’s.”

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How much does simplsaver cost?

If you wish to add more than five expenses to the simplsaver budget, a fee of $6.99 per year applies.

“We designed simplsaver to be simple and easy to use, and also very affordable,” Stark said.

“For not much more than a cup of coffee, you can get a handle on your budget and make sense of what your money is doing.”

The annual subscription gives you access to:

More than 5 items in your budget A savings goal plan (coming soon) Export to a spreadsheet (coming soon)

Simplsaver is now available for iPhone users for free on the iOS store, with plans for an Android app in the future.

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