NHL Rumors: Sean Monahan and Joel Edmundson Trade Value, Jake Allen Staying Put?

NHL Rumors: Sean Monahan and Joel Edmundson Trade Value, Jake Allen Staying Put?

NHL rumors continue to swirl around the Montreal Canadiens as trade interest in some players begins to heat up.

Sean Monahan’s business value has increased thanks to the Horvat trade

Montreal Hockey Now’s Marc Dumont: In his final Q&A, Dumont was asked how the Horvat trade affects the value of the trade for Canadiens forward Sean Monahan. Dumont wrote that with what the islanders have given up for Horvat, this is undoubtedly a positive change.

With very few centers available at the NHL Trade Deadline, and with Horvat out of the picture, you could say Monahan is the best of the rest.

Max Domi and Jonathan Toews are both available, but neither has the best of seasons. With such demand for centers and very few centers available at the trade deadline to go along with the fact that Monahan is having a good season, the Canadiens should get a decent return for Monahan.

Considering the Islanders send a first-round pick to the Canucks, that might encourage more teams to part ways with them, especially for a player like Monahan.

Joel Edmundson’s return could be as high as a first-round pick

Montreal Hockey Now’s Marc Dumont: Staying with Dumont and his mailbag, he got a question about Edmundson’s trading value when he was healthy.

Dumont wrote that if the Canadiens are willing to keep some of his salary, there will be plenty of suitors for Edmundson. The Canadiens could get their hands on another first-round pick.

As NHL insider Chris Johnston recently stated on TSN’s Insider Trading, a first-round pick will likely be on the line.

“The best assets at this deadline are mostly going to ask for at least a 1st round pick in return,” Johnston said of the high demand from selling clubs. “That goes for high-level attackers, but also for a few defenders. I think if the Montreal Canadiens are going to move Joel Edmundson at this deadline, you’re looking at a 1st round-plus pick. Same in Columbus with Vladislav Gavrikov.

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