Personal Trainers Gym Booking App HK Launch

Personal Trainers Gym Booking App HK Launch

Hong Kong Personal Trainer Gym Booking App Launched – Palace Studios’ app offers hourly fitness studio rental for PTs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island, 01 Feb. May 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong —

Palace Studios, a custom fitness company based in Central, Hong Kong, revealed that it offers an app that can make it easy for personal trainers and wellness professionals to manage their business and clientele. This application, which can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play, allows them to book a private fitness room when they need it. With the app, personal trainers can book a particular fitness studio based on their schedule for a particular client or group of clients. They can also search for available seats and reserve them by the hour. For more information visit

A Palace Studios representative said, “Palace caters to the needs of private fitness trainers and wellness professionals. Here you can book your space by the hour on your own schedule. Palace gives you the flexibility to create a deeper connection with your customers in Hong Kong. Whether it’s strength training, strength training or custom fitness workouts, Palace allows you to train your clients in a 1 on 1 setting or as a 2 on 1 personal fitness training, in our carefully designed studios.

They offer a simple four-step process for personal trainers and other wellness professionals to book space for their training sessions with clients. First, they download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Second, they choose a space and a time slot. Third, they pay and confirm the booking session. And finally, they go to the fitness studio, unlock it and use it for the benefit of their clients.

The fitness studios are equipped with a completely contactless door lock to avoid unnecessary contact. The spaces provided are modern and clean and they are equipped with an air circulation system with efficient HEPA and carbon filters that remove all airborne pollutants as small as 0.1 micron, including viruses. The air system performs six or more air changes per hour to ensure indoor air quality is safe for people working in the studio. Installed air purifiers are also able to detect if there is formaldehyde in the air, and if there is, these are broken down into harmless compounds. And finally, they assure trainers and their clients that the studio has been painted with durable paint products and is free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

As previously announced, Palace Studios has already received very positive reviews from fitness trainers. For example, Graham Mountford called it: “The Swiss army of training and re-education space. The evolution of an all-encompassing experience securely packaged in a studio mic. Private. Exclusive. World class.”

Palace Studios is a company committed to developing creative ways to make modern wellness and fitness spaces and equipment accessible to personal trainers and their clients. They have worked with owners who are willing to let their properties which may be unused or underused be converted into world-class fitness studios equipped with the latest equipment. Personal trainers and wellness coaches can easily take advantage of the non-binding, on-demand booking offered by Palace Studios through the use of an app available on iOS and Android devices. They offer a wide range of equipment for different fitness regimes, including strength training, strength training, or custom fitness workouts. Trainers and other wellness professionals can easily tailor their schedules to client preferences as spaces can be reserved and rented by the hour.

A studio representative says, “If you are a property owner, contact us to find out more about how hosting our personal fitness studio can add value to your property in Hong Kong.”

Those who want to rent a fitness studio by the hour, or owners who want their properties to bring in more income, can visit the Palace Studios website at or the contact by phone or e-mail.


For more information about Palace Studios, contact the company here:

Palace Studios


+852 9878 5785

[email protected]

46 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


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