Tennis Queensland Launch Gender Equity Plan | 2 February, 2023

Tennis Queensland Launch Gender Equity Plan | 2 February, 2023

February 2, 2023 | Tennis Queensland

Tennis Queensland has reaffirmed its commitment to achieving gender equality in sport and opening more doors for women and girls to participate in tennis with the launch of its Gender Equity Plan (2022-2024).

Tennis Queensland aims to create opportunities for women and girls on and off the court and to become leaders in gender equality through its governance structures.

The launch of Tennis Queensland’s Gender Equity Plan is an important first step in Tennis Australia’s women’s and girls’ strategy to see all eight-member associations with women’s and girls’ plans aligned at the National level.

Reflecting Tennis Australia’s women’s and girls’ strategy, the plan is built around three strategic priorities, Lead: fostering accountability, Influence: creating an equal voice and Play: enriching gaming experiences.

Tennis Queensland CEO Anthony White said: “Tennis has an under-representation of women who play, administer and coach our sport. Tennis Queensland’s Gender Equity Plan takes into consideration barriers to women’s and girls’ participation in tennis and introduces an action plan to address gender inequalities across all verticals of the organization .

The main objectives of the plan are:

Continue to achieve gender equity goals on the Tennis Queensland Board No gender pay gap for Tennis Queensland staff Apply a gender perspective to strategies, policies and funding agreements in tennis and with partners Ensure equal representation of women at all levels and in all roles Strengthen career and volunteer opportunities on and off the pitch Create lasting networks to influence and advance women Inspire and develop women to be a public voice for tennis, from the grassroots to the global stage Ensure safe, inclusive tennis and welcoming environments that value and empower women and girls Apply a gender perspective to enrich the playing experience Donate women and girls the means to excel and thrive in tennis

To find out more about Tennis Queensland’s Women and Girls initiatives, please visit the Tennis Queensland website.

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