Big 12 football schedule: These fans are planning a trip to BYU

Big 12 football schedule: These fans are planning a trip to BYU

The Big 12 released their 2023 football schedule on Tuesday, letting fans know when their favorite teams will be on the road – and where they will be.

While the Deseret News wrote about the best road trips for BYU fans this fall, others following the Big 12 football schedule release took to Twitter to share their excitement about visiting Provo. .

“If you’re considering a game on the road, Provo is, by all accounts, THE best experience for traveling fans. Never heard a nasty word about the stadium, BYU fans or views,” tweeted Viva the Matadors, a Texas Tech University fan account.

Similarly, Barstool Cincinnati placed Provo at the top of its ranking list of the best schools to visit in the Big 12.

Devin Newsom, emcee for the University of Oklahoma women’s gymnastics team, tweeted that this fall’s schedule gives him a chance to cross LaVell Edwards Stadium off his college football bucket list.

“I’m really excited about a trip to Provo. …BYU has ALWAYS been on my list,” he said.

Tuesday wasn’t the first time BYU has been praised for being a great place to visit.

BYU quarterback rookie Kedon Slovis recently said his parents’ experience in Provo during the BYU-USC game in September 2019 helps explain his interest in transferring to the school.

“My dad used to talk about how ‘it’s the cleanest stadium I’ve ever been to, and they bring ice to the opposing fans,'” Slovis said. “He fell in love with the place. That’s what I took away from playing against BYU, how nice the fans were and what a great environment it is to play in Provo.

Last fall, several Baylor fans who came to their team’s Sept. 10 game in Provo tweeted how wonderful it was to interact with Cougars fans, as Deseret News reported at era.

“I’ve seen college football games in dozens of stadiums across the United States, and can say without reservation that the BYU fans and game presentation are the best I’ve ever experienced. Massive Benefit from the home court. Hats off Cougars. You are a class act,” one Twitter user said after the game.

A Baylor student who came to Provo to cover the game said LaVell Edwards Stadium had “the best view in college football.”

Baylor and BYU won’t play again in 2023, but fans at other Big 12 schools seem to have taken Baylor fan criticism of Provo to heart.

Here’s what people were saying Tuesday about BYU’s visit after the Big 12 football schedule was released:

If you’re considering a game on the road, everyone agrees that Provo is THE best experience for traveling fans.
I never heard a bad word about the stadium, the BYU fans or the views.
It’s my bucket list item, and if I can rock it, it’s the one I circled for out-of-state play.

— Viva the Matadors 🏴‍☠️ (@vivathematadors) January 31, 2023

OU Football Schedule 🧵1

1) I’m really excited about a trip to Provo. @BYU has ALWAYS been on my list.
2) Will the Cincy game be in Cincinnati or Paul Brown Stadium again like the last time we played there?
3) Sad not to play KState. It’s been a fun little rivalry lately.

— Devin Newsom (@DevinNewsom) January 31, 2023

In honor of today’s calendar release, here’s my ranking of places I want to visit in the Big 12:

1. Provo, UT
2. Morgantown, West Virginia
3.Fort Worth, TX
4. Calm water, OK
5. Lubbock, TX
6. Manhattan, KS
7. Waco, TX
8.Lawrence, KS
9. Ames, Iowa
10. Houston, TX
11. Orlando, Florida

— Cincinnati Bar Stool (@UCBarstool) January 31, 2023

The Red Raiders will play in Provo against BYU in October.

It’s a trip I want to take.

— Dan Isett 🌵 (@DanIsett) January 31, 2023

Rankings of NEW Big 12 teams I want to visit for a TCU away game.

1. Provo, UT (BYU)
2. Orlando, Fla. (UCF)
3. Cincinnati, Ohio (UC)
4. Houston, TX (HU)


— INSIDER TCU (@InsiderTCU) February 1, 2023

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