Ubisoft just broke their games on Linux desktop and Steam Deck

Ubisoft just broke their games on Linux desktop and Steam Deck

Update 9:17 PM: It looks like the Proton developers have updated the “state-of-the-art” beta version for Proton Experimental, which works around the issue. Note: using it may cause other issues, beta doesn’t have much testing, you have been warned.

If you go to the properties of Proton Experimental in your Steam library and opt into the “state of the art” beta, then set your Ubisoft games to use Proton Experimental, this will fix it for now until until an appropriate Proton update is available.

Update 10:11 PM: Valve has released a Proton Experimental patch (no beta needed) for this.

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Third-party launchers on Steam are again a massive nuisance. At first it was EA breaking everything on Linux and Steam Deck and now it’s Ubisoft telling everyone to hold their beer.

Valve patched the EA app in Proton after a while, and it’s likely we’ll have to wait again for a patch from Valve for everything Ubisoft changed in the latest Ubisoft Connect update.

When you go to launch any game on desktop Linux or Steam Deck that uses Ubisoft Connect, it will update and you will then be greeted with this:

This image above is from my Fedora Linux desktop trying out Ghost Recon Breakpoint today.

After testing The Division 2, Watch Dogs Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Ghost Recon Breakpoint on my Steam Deck as well, they all had the exact same issue which you will see in the below screenshot of my Steam Deck:

So it looks like every title that uses Ubisoft Connect is now broken on the Linux desktop and Steam Deck. This comes just two weeks after Ubisoft patched The Division 2 for Steam Deck/Linux. Meanwhile, Breakpoint still needs manual fixes.

Why do developers and publishers keep pushing these absolutely useless third-party launchers on us? Never once did I, or anyone I spoke to, really want it. They just cause problems and hardly solve anything that Steam can’t already do directly.

I filed an official bug report with Valve and notified their developers.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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