Paige Spiranac hits out at fake social media accounts set up in her name and reveals TWO key things fans need to check

Paige Spiranac hits out at fake social media accounts set up in her name and reveals TWO key things fans need to check

GOLF beauty Paige Spiranac has exposed fake social media accounts created in her name and reveals how you can identify them.

The 29-year-old is golf’s No.1 social media influencer, garnering millions of followers by showing off her fine skills on the course as well as her mesmerizing beauty.


Paige Spiranac says she reports 20 fake accounts impersonating her dailyCredit: Instagram


The 29-year-old also gave fans advice on how to identify her genuine platformsCredit: Instagram


Paige tells fans to watch out for bad grammar as a way to spot fakesCredit: Instagram

But notoriety is not without problems.

Paige, who regularly pulls out prints with an array of different sexy outfits, is the victim of fake accounts in her name.

The blonde beauty says she reports “at least 20 fake accounts” a day.

Paige said on her Playing a Round podcast: “It’s just ridiculous [the fake accounts issue].

“Just recently another person got scammed with a fake account and the scammer is pretending to send fake driver’s licenses, fake checks, whatever you can think of they do.

“I report at least 20 fake accounts every day. Every day.

“They keep popping up, we’re trying to do what we can.”

The American also gave advice on how to tell the difference between her genuine accounts and the fake ones.

Paige continued, “A few keys to watch out for is that if it’s not from my verified account, it’s not me.

“And if it’s someone with bad sentence structure, bad grammar, someone who can’t put a sentence together, then it’s not me.

“Sometimes I’ll see those lines and think ‘how did you think that was me?’

“As [laughing] do you think i’m typing at kindergarten level, that’s frankly offensive.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Paige tells her fans about her ideal date.

Paige, who is single, says listening to her likes and dislikes in advance is key to planning the perfect date.

She said: “I think every date is unique, different and personalized.

“Obviously you’ll have communication before the date and whatever I might have said in passing like I like ice cream or I like this or I like that and you work it into the date -you are really special.”


Paige has millions of social media followersCredit: Instagram


The blonde bombshell has gained notoriety for her golfing skills and her beautyCredit: Instagram


Paige is a golf influencerCredit: Instagram

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