Google TV Android Gets Material You Design Upgrade: 4×5 Preview Size

Google TV Android Gets Material You Design Upgrade: 4×5 Preview Size

Urian B., Tech Times February 02, 2023, 01:02

Google is rolling out its new Google TV widget for the Android operating system to make streaming content easier to access. This recent redesign, following Google’s Material You design philosophy, is an upgrade to the current Google TV app.

Introducing the new Google TV app home screen widget

Google recently introduced a brand new design for the Google TV app. They took the design of Material You a step further by announcing a special home screen widget for the app, as explained in a Chrome Unboxed post.

According to the Giz China story, the widget was spotted in December and is currently on the widget list. The widget has a preview size of 4×5, which can expand beyond that to fill the entire phone screen.

Google TV Widget Key Features

Once accessed, the widget will offer the same functionality that a full Google TV widget should have. Tapping it would take users to the app’s Home tab, with access to keyword searches and remote shortcuts.

The widget would also be compatible with the Pixel 7 Pro smartphone, but it is unknown if it works on other older devices. The feature was spotted on version

Google TV content recommendations coming to Android devices

It is said to offer more functionality than the feature currently available on Android phones: a short bar sharing a border with Google Search. Currently, when tapped, it only opens the Home tab of the app.

The widget, which will be available for smartphones and tablets, should offer content recommendations directly from Google TV. Just like other streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

Upcoming widgets for tablets and older devices

Moreover, the introduction of Widgets optimized for tablets shows Google’s desire to make its products available on all device sizes. The current version of the widget is designed to work on Android 13 QPR2 beta.

Unfortunately, this does not yet work on older devices. On the bright side, Google is working on other widgets, such as the Contacts widget and the Google app widget, and we might see all three of them released at the same time.

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Stay up to date on the launch of Google TV Widget

As of now, the rollout of the Google TV widget is still uncertain, but we’ve been assured it’s coming soon. Stay tuned for the latest updates related to the release of the exciting Google TV widget.

Google has been working on other widgets, such as the Contacts widget and the Google App widget, and the three widgets could be launched collectively. Although Google hasn’t officially confirmed the widget’s launch date, fans are excited to have Google TV directly accessible from their home screens.

The new Google TV widget is a great addition for Android users, making streaming and accessing content more convenient than ever. It may take a while for the widget to be fully ready, but all signs point to a successful launch.

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