Hear the Howls: ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ Pulls Many Twists and Turns

Hear the Howls: ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ Pulls Many Twists and Turns

The ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ poster featuring the main characters of the new film. Most of the cast from the series returned for the film which released on Paramount Plus on January 26. Photo courtesy of The Movie Database

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Scott McCall’s pack returns to Beacon Hills for another adventure as they use their supernatural powers to battle an old enemy. “Teen Wolf: The Movie” depicts the length of these characters for their friends – even 15 years later.

“Teen Wolf: The Movie” was released January 26 on Paramount Plus. “Teen Wolf” premiered on June 5, 2011 where a werewolf bit Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, in the woods. Six seasons later, the “Teen Wolf” finale premiered on September 27, 2017. The “Teen Wolf” franchise first announced the film on September 24, 2021, according to their Instagram.

The film opens with Hikari and Liam working in a restaurant, and a man in a black jacket with his face covered walks demanding the pot where a trickster evil spirit, the Nogitsune, is being held. It’s not until later in the film that the audience discovers that this man is a mischievous character from previous seasons.

As the man frees the Nogitsune, Scott is in Los Angeles using his abilities as a true alpha werewolf running an animal shelter – a full circle moment since working at Deaton’s veterinary clinic. Deaton introduces Scott for the first time in the film at a site where a building has collapsed. Deaton tells the fireman there’s an expert who can fix some things and says, “We call him the Alpha.”

Scott, Argent, and Lydia have visions that connect to Allison Argent – played by Crystal Reed. Allison was Scott’s first love who died at the end of season three by the Nogitsune. The characters return together to the town that started it all – Beacon Hills. Scott, Argent and Lydia believe they must perform a ritual to put her spirit at peace, however, the evil spirit tricks them into bringing Allison back to life.

Allison’s death in season three was one of the show’s most shocking and emotional events. In several of the trailers leading up to the film, viewers saw Allison back in Beacon Hills, but fans weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

It was surprising to see Allison back on screen and reprising her role as a werewolf hunter’s daughter. However, she may not be the same one Allison fans remember. Although Allison could not remember her memories and was tricked by the Nogitsune into going after the werewolves, Scott helped Allison remember and “Scallison” was back by the end of the film.

The reunion of the characters served as wholesome moments – when Scott thanks Lydia for coming back and they embrace.

While it was like the good old days with the same group fighting for their lives and the protection of their home, there were a few characters who didn’t return for the film – Dylan O’Brien, who played Stiles Stilinski ; Daniel Sharman, who played Isaac Lahey; and Cody Christian, who played Theo Raeken.

It was sad not to see some fan favorites on screen and join the pack in this new fight.

O’Brien said he felt his character was in a good place when the series ended and he wanted to leave it there, according to his interview with Variety.

The tense music, facial expressions, screams, and screams all added to the suspense of the story, much like the older seasons. The camera placement and special effects also contribute to the otherworldly aspect of the show and surprise viewers with what might follow. The fangs, claws, and glowing eyes draw viewers in, and the jumps, roars, and howls remind fans of the characters’ powers.

The familiar setting and plot of the story made me feel like I was watching an old episode again but with characters who were no longer teenagers. One thing that felt different was the emphasis on friendship. While the film depicts the theme of loyalty and resistance, the characters resolved the conflict but were separated from each other.

Relationships and acting are expected to be different in revivals of a show, but some aspects remain the same. Tyler Posey’s act as a true alpha didn’t disappoint, nor did Holland Roden’s screams as a banshee. However, with the release of the film years later, the chemistry between the characters changed. But show and movie creator Jeff Davis has done a good job of keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and glued to the screens.

Since there is a bigger time jump between the end of the series and their lives now, some viewers who have not watched the “Teen Wolf” series may not understand the plot or how each character plays a role. role in Scott’s life.

There were a few wholesome and happy moments that helped strike a good balance between drama and adventure. Viewers see Derek being a great father to Eli as he tries to teach him how to transform into a werewolf and use his powers to heal when Eli twists his ankle during a lacrosse game.

At the end of the film, the pack’s selfless acts continue as they use their powers to battle the trickster’s evil spirit. Viewers will see how the fight unfolds and how through all the twists and turns their roars will be heard.

Audiences will need to tune in to watch the film, streaming only on Paramount Plus, to witness the return of the pack.


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