Six Takeaways from John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan’s 2022 Season Recap

Six Takeaways from John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan’s 2022 Season Recap

Quarterback Brock Purdy is yet to make a decision regarding the treatment and recovery of his tear at UCL.

As the rookie detailed in his last speech to the media, Purdy is still gathering opinions on his elbow injury and weighing his options for a speedy and optimal recovery process. Based on the current medical opinions that have been offered, Lynch was “encouraged” that the most common timelines indicate a recovery process of approximately six months based on a repair option. A six-month recovery would mean Purdy could be ready to go at some point during training camp.

Lynch and Shanahan believe they have not one, but two starting caliber players on their current roster.

Purdy and Trey Lance are the only two quarterbacks from the 2022 roster who will not enter free agency this offseason. Both Lance and Purdy are still under rookie contracts, and if both of their recovery processes go off without a hitch, it’s possible the 49ers’ two signal callers will be in good shape for the start of the 2023 season. Asked if they would look to sign a more prominent veteran at quarterback, Shanahan repeated, “We’re happy enough” with the in-house talent.

In his exit interview, Lance noted that he expects to be medically cleared within the next four weeks, and Shanahan elaborated on that, adding the possibility that the dual-threat quarterback could be “all out” by the OTA.

“I know we have two starters on our team right now that I think we can win with,” Shanahan said. “When you have this situation, you’re not so eager to go looking around.”

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is not expected to return for the upcoming 2023 season.

After re-signing Garoppolo to a one-year contract for the 2022 season, the 49ers brass do not expect the veteran quarterback to return to the team for another round in 2023. Garoppolo passed the past six seasons with the 49ers and helped lead San Francisco to a Super Bowl LIV appearance and was a starter for the majority of the team’s 2021 and 2022 NFC Championship runs.

“No, I don’t see any scenario of that,” Shanahan said when asked about Garoppolo’s possibility of spending 2023 with the 49ers.

There is interest in keeping cornerback Emmanuel Moseley.

Moseley had a strong start to 2022 before suffering a season-ending ACL tear in Week 5 against the Carolina Panthers. Moseley is expected to become a free agent at the start of the league’s new year, but the 49ers have an interest in keeping him in red and gold. Prior to his injury, Moseley had 22 total tackles, one interception and five pass breakups in his five starts this year.

“E-Man is doing great. He’s on the court right now, training here and in rehab, he’s doing great…His commitment to the process is going to be elite, and that’s what he did. He was down in LA in rehab for a long time. We got him back in the last few weeks. He’s a free agent. He’s a guy we’d better get back to because of the way he plays, but also what he represents. He is one of us and we would definitely like him to come back.”

Lynch and Shanahan shared the highest regards for their former defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, and the 49ers don’t want to make too much of a change as they prepare to hire his replacement.

There was no shortage of praise for the coach and the person DeMeco Ryans was Wednesday morning. Shanahan has had Ryans on his team for his entire career as head coach and is delighted to see his former colleague take his big opportunity. Ryans started as a defensive quality control assistant, then spent three seasons as a linebackers coach and finished his stint in San Francisco as a defensive coordinator for two seasons.

“I love DeMeco. He’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around, one of the best people I’ve ever been around,” Shanahan said. “He and Jamila mean the world to us, and I really wish they didn’t go, but it’s more than deserved and more than deserved. They (Houston Texans) by far made the best hire available because DeMeco is going to be a great one. He already was. I love our defensive staff, I love our defense. I’m trying to get something where we don’t have to turn around a lot.

Keeping defensive lineman Nick Bosa in Santa Clara for the long term is on Lynch and Shanahan’s minds.

Bosa closed the 2022 season as the NFL’s sack leader (18.5) and just one sack shy of the franchise’s single sack record held by Aldon Smith (19.5). Additionally, he recorded 51 total tackles, including 19 tackles for loss, and 48 quarterback hits. He’s a highly regarded player, and the 49ers braintrust will reveal their plans for Bosa in due course.

“He deserves to be Defensive Player of the Year in our league,” Lynch said. “I hope it happens to him, because he deserved it. He’s a fantastic football player, he’s a game-changer of a football player… I think we have a very good record… for our players (contracts) to be done, but it takes time. It takes patience. It takes perseverance, and we’ll have that on our side… He’s pretty calm about it all, and I think with that in mind and each of us wanting the same thing, we can come to an agreement.”

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