2023 NBA Mock Draft: Wembanyama and the others

2023 NBA Mock Draft: Wembanyama and the others

by Berkay Terzi / [email protected]

As we approach the midpoint of the NBA regular season, most teams have a clear goal. Some set the bar for the championship, others were more modest and saw the playoffs as enough. Those who want to look to the future with more hope have their eyes on the NBA Draft.

Third-tier teams have good reason to maintain their enthusiasm because in the 2023 draft there is an alien like Victor Wembanyama and a consolation prize like Scoot Henderson. Of course, other talents should not be overlooked. As you know, every draft class pulls at least one rabbit out of a hat.

As the highly anticipated month of June approached, we had enough ideas on many prospects and decided to put our impressions on paper.


As a result of the Tankathon draw, the San Antonio Spurs won the lottery. They played at the top of the NBA for many years with admirable consistency. After several mediocre seasons, they finally raised the white flag. The Spurs, who started a new story with Tim Duncan in the 1997 NBA draft, want to do the same with Victor Wembanyama this time.

San Antonio was followed by the other Texas team, the Houston Rockets. The Washington Wizards, known for their poor draft history, climbed to third place, while the Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Hornets and Orlando Magic were the teams that were relegated following the draw.

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